Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Trip to Johor and Singapore Part I

Finally , another long holiday. Sorry for the long delay. There was just nothing worth to blog about.
Last saturday, I drove all the way with my family and friends to Johor Bahru. The 4 hours I took to drive there includes some time avoiding potholes in the high way. Certain times was wasted because of the partial road closures, which means 2 lanes decrease to 1 lane , that means drive slow.Overall, the driving to Johor was indeed tiring but you get to drive at 110km/h!! well, you can drive to 140km/h or more if your car can take it.

Photos will soon to follow because Internet performance has been really bad due to quakes in Taiwan. God bless the victims of Taiwan earthquake.

Finally, Internet has gone back to normal on friday night and I'm able continue my EVE-ONLINE gaming .. yeahhh harrr.. Anyways, here are some photos for Johor trip day 1.
Pagoh rest stop.(?? I forgot) A lot of people stopping for lunch.

One of worse Nasi Ayam Goreng I had. The chicken and the rice are cold, save for the soup, everything is almost tasteless.

After leaving Pagoh rest stop, there were slight traffic jams heading to KL. There were actually a few from Johor to KL.

Finally, reached Tampoi and went to Danga Bay.
Dinner at Danga Bay. Forgot what's the name of restaurant.That's Thai Chicken cutlet, just okay for me though. The Fish and chips are nicer.

Another shot of Danga Bay

Sunday, December 17, 2006

It's nice when people thank you.

Some of you might have noticed that I was mentioned in leech's blog in her post of
" Personal : MTV's "Global Art Of Mixing" Video Shots ".
OR some of you probably check out my blog from this following line "More tomorrow because I'm plain deprived of sleep, and too traumatised to continue anymore tonight. (P.S: Thanks to Maniacz for recommending all the video still capturing software!!)" in the same post.

Well, all I can say. You're welcome on that. I don't really think I did much too.

Now, on the subject of "it's nice when people thank you." Just the other day, I was by my "kai-mui" or cyber-sis (since we knew each online through friendster), let's call her Z. Z told me she's gonna visit a fellow blogger in Midvalley. But, she said she's gonna visit her ALONE. So, I was worried and gave her call around 8pm.I mean with high criminal activities these recent years (eg. snatch theives, murder, etc.)

She answered and told me she was in the blogger's car and on the way to her place. I was surprised but crossed my fingers that she's alright. Around midnight, I received a call from her saying that she have got home safely. Well, for some, this doesn't mean crap to them. But, for me at least it warns my heart that some people out there still touched because you're attentive to them.

The fellow blogger that she visited also thank her personally on her blog tho she did not mention her name at all. But, I guess she's talking about her.

Anyway, I'm happy that someone acknowledges you. However, sucking up to someone is another story.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's thursday and another wedding.

It's thursday night and here I am attending another wedding again. This time around, it's one of the fellow manager's son's wedding.
I don't even know the son. I just attending only lah.. don't care so much. The food was quite okay. I'll post up the photos later.

Thoughts :
As more and more people are getting married,the chances of befriending having female friend(s) who is/are still single seems to be getting slimmer and slimmer by the day.

Damn.. I'm suffering from "getting-married" crisis. Anyone can introduce a gal for me?!!

Updates :

The first dish, 冷盘

Shark's fin. 鱼翅

Chicken and pork

Steamed fish

Veggies, brocolli with erm.. mushroom?

Buttered prawns and deep fried prawns

Small "paos" from the dessert

(Almost) Empty bowl of "tong sui" from the dessert

Monday, December 04, 2006

Weddings , weddings and more weddings.

Last sunday (26/11/2006), I attended a chinese wedding of an acquaintance,let's call her PP. She's actually my tuition mate. Yeah. I made that term out. We went physics tuition together
and we're from different school. I only realised we lived in the same place when I was cycling one day and saw her cycling at the same area too. Then, I found out that her father is also my dad's colleague. Talk about a small world. Overall, it was quite an okay wedding. (I attended so many weddings this year , I couldn't remember what was not an okay wedding.) Anyways, it was quite organised I can say. Her sister even went to look for seats for us. yes. her sister looks "hawt" too. I mean of course she have to dress nicely for PP's wedding wat. Well, we sat with a bunch of strangers (again). We as in my mom and I. My father couldn't make it so I'm considered attending on behalf of him and also myself.

Yesterday (3/12/2006), I attended an Indian wedding lunch.This time around, it is my secondary school classmate getting married. She's married to her boyfriend from secondary school years if I remember correctly. Overall, the wedding was great because we ate even before the ceremony ended. yea. I know it was very impolite. But that still beats queuing up a LONG LONG line to get your food (since it's buffet style). Compared to Chinese wedding where you have wait for like a few light years for your food to arrive. We met up with quite a number of schoolmates too. Too bad there wasn't a lot of chinese classmates.


The venue for the (26/11/2006) and (3/12/2006) weddings are the same, which is a school hall. It's a good thing they are not serving the same food.If not, I don't
know what is going to happen.


Today (4/12/2006), I attended yet another wedding. This is a chinese wedding. Yet another classmate getting married. Yeah. babeh. It's one of secondary school classmates again. She's married to her coursemate?.. hmmm. I forgot. Anyway, it was great too because it turns out her coursemate was Gary from 8tv, the host of E-news.
He also become the emcee for part of the wedding. I think due to his stage experience. He was able to promote a very lively atmosphere for the wedding. Good food , good wedding. I get to meet with even more schoolmates and classmates. I even saw a colleague who also held her wedding at the same place 2-3 months back. Too bad I just waved at her and didn't talk to her. I get to talk to a classmate. Turns out she's working in Penang and the company her sister working in is has the same mother company as my current company. Small small world indeed.

Well, there was some catching up to do. It was better than I expected. Tho, I was a pissed because someone was supposed to reserve a seat for me. Then again, I get to sit in a table which has less people which means MORE FOOD. yeah.

That's all for now. I hope I'll can blog more intresting stuff soon.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

BKT in Nilai and Casino Royale

Well, I was supposed to blog a week ago. But, I was too lazy + Internet surfing with Digi GPRS was DAMN SHITTY. It was so Donkey slow. So I also gave up uploading pictures.
Actually, I think it was the former. haha.
Anyway, here's what happened. A college friend came over from PJ, thinking of going to visit our former college in Nilai. I picked him up from Nilai KTM station about 7.30pm.
When I arrived at the Nilai KTM station, it brings me back the memories of us, sometimes myself taking the commuter to Seremban or to Midvalley for shopping.
Since it was late to go back to my home for dinner, we took dinner at Desa Cempaka Deli (I think I got the name correctly), Bandar Baru Nilai.Here's a photo of the Bat Kut Teh that we had.

It was okay.I don't think I should call it the best BKT, maybe in Nilai. because I didn't have BKT for a long time liao. Anyways, we were hungry so we just eat it as soon as it arrives.

Then after dinner, we went to Desa Melati to look at our former house that we used to stay. Man, brings back the sweet memories of the place. Miss my college so much.haha.
But, somehow the place wasn't that crowded as it used to be. The place looks even more deserted than before. Probably there are more houses, apartments closer to the college now that most of the students have moved to those places instead.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

The next day (Sunday 19/11/2006), I bring my friend to the beach near my hometown. After we went to airport to pick up dad, then we off I went to send him back to PJ and 2 of my friends to catch Casino Royale.

Considering all the bimbos of previous James Bond series,I was expecting the same crap again. But, I was wrong. It was great.
Warning! Spoiler Ahead!
The bond gals are not no longer bimbos who screams like psycho nor they make love like they were horny bitches.haha.(yeah. bad way to describe them , but that's the best I can do).In Casino Royale, Daniel Craig's James Bond seems so much more different than previous James Bond. His character was so violent, and so quick-to-act, you sometimes wonder whether you're watching James Bond or some other action film. James Bond character was known to subtle, charming and most importantly being a gentleman. Although Daniel Craig isn't any of the above, I congratulate the crew behind this movie for coming out something truly different.

So, GO WATCH CASINO ROYALE. You'll be amazed and have a bit laugh too during the movie.

Ohh.. don't forget to watch out the cameo appearance of Sir Richard Branson, the man behind Virgin Airlines and almost anything that starts with Virgin.(Nope, I'm not going to tell you which scene, you just have to watch it.)

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Chicken Steak rice . I had this in Nilai. a shop beside Inti College Malaysia Nilai.Nothing special. The sauce is not very thick , the flavour doesn't seemed etched into the chicken meat either. I think the sauce is black pepper sauce.
Another view Chicken Steak rice.Nice presentation though. My colleagues said it looked nice.

This is the Nasi Lemak I tried on 15 November 2006 in Dengkil. Well , again I didn't note the name of shop. It's a corner shop near MEGAH supermarket in Dengkil.Place is okay. Parking might a bit of problem. You have to park close to nearby houses.The Nasi Lemak is very the kinda "Chinese" style. Not that spicy. But that's not to say it's bad. The anchovies are fried nicely, taste crunchy, good amount of peanuts included as well, thick curry with chicken and potatoes.
Presentation-wise, ok. Although my description sounds like any other nasi lemak, but you should give it a try.The friendly auntie who sells the nasi lemak comes around and talk to the customers too. Very cheerful person.
Round 1 : Before.
Our company had small raya gathering in the office. These are the food served in the gathering.We have bee-hoon(Rice Vermicelli) , curry chicken,satay,and veggie(ar cat?dunno how to spell).
Round 1 : After.

Round 2:Desserts.
Yellow and red watermelon.Fried banana and spicy kerepok,lemang and ketupat,yoghurt.
Dessert: Fermented rice.
It comes strong scent which one of my colleagues can't stand and asked me to help him finish it.I coughed for a while when I smell it.I paused while thinking whether should I eat it or not. Mind you. I was drinking coffee too.Coffee+Fermented rice= disaster?! Thank God there was no disastrous side effects. Overall, quite a satisfying lunch.Could've been better. Hopefully next year.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Visitors & "Malaysia BODOH!!"

Dear visitors,

Thank you for visiting my blog. It's very kind of you to drop by. But, at least let me know who you are. Drop a comment or two.

I would like to get to know my readers as well.

If you don't like to comment, thanks for reading my blog anyways.

On another note, this is what an journalist(??) wrote about Malaysia "Bodoh".

Please read the whole article, tell me if you disagree with what the writer said.

Good work to the writer and I applaud him for pointing what our Malaysian leaders have done wrong.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Getting married.

U think I'm getting married ar?... no lah it's not me.. it's my friend actually. Actually, honestly, I don't really know her that well either. We actually met when we went for the same tuition class. I was even more surprised when I found out both of our fathers were colleagues too. Small world eh?

Anyways, she's getting married on 26th November 2006. So, indeed I'm happy for her.But,the strange thing is I'm also feeling kinda depressed too.

"WHY SO MANY PEOPLE GETTING MARRIED ALREADY AR?!?!?! Is this some kind of trend when you reached your mid-20s?.. NOoOOoOOo..."

That's going through my mind right now. I'm depressed that more and more of my friends / classmates / schoolmates are getting married. Staying single is like a SIN or something.

Sometimes I feel like life is more than just getting married, settle down, have kids, watch kids grow up, then DIE. There should be. But what?!

If my parents don't married, they don't have kids, I won't be here now.
So, what now?! Go get a gf?!

I really have no idea. For more about marriage, you can visit Leech's blog. Look for the entry "Rant : I Don't Understand How SOME Women Think..." . I can't link to straight to that post because it doesn't immediate link which I connect to it.
Sorry, :(.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Programming in Programming.

Being a programmer can be quite tough, especially when you're in charge of program maintenance. Basically being in maintenance, means you have to clean up somebody's shit (or inefficient programming).

Working in maintenance can be a joy or curse. Joy because there's not much work to do, just modify here and there.

Curse? Well it's because due to the lack of programming documentation, modification can be a headache as well.

That's basically what's my job about. Being a programmer. But, being a programmer has its merits, there's always room for improvement. A program can be designed by very different ways. A problem can be solved in different methods. One actually has to be creative to be a programmer.

Be creative. Be a programmer.


Monday, November 06, 2006

A new week...

Here's a start a new week,jeng jeng jeng.... (yea.. that sounds so lame). Anyway, went to watch a movie in USJ Summit. Everytime I go that place, it just seemed to be quite "alive" as other shopping complexes. I don't know why.

My friend and I watched "The Prestige". Not bad at all though after watching it , you DO need some thinking to fully understand the story. My first response after the movie was I don't know what is it talking about. But, later after awhile you do seem to understand the story better.

Spoilers ahead:
As the movie stated, there are 3 concepts in the a magic performance. The Pledge, The Turn and The Prestige. The Pledge involves presenting something normal, The Turn is making that normal act look extraordinary. Finally, The Prestige which is the name of the movie, which is that the audience sees something they never seen before.
Throughout the whole movie, these 3 concepts will be mention time and time again. This is to make sure that you listen, you observed, there is indeed something that happening to the magicians after they finished with their magical act on-stage.

I don't have much to say about it other than these 3 concepts. But basically, it has almost the style as in Batman Begins where the timeline of the characters are switched back and forth, present and past.Sometimes it may confuse the audience, but you'll just keep watching , anticipating what other things could happen.

Anyways, JUST GO WATCH IT!!!!!

Now, on another note. We had a very abnormal incident at the ticket booth while we're trying to get tickets for "The Prestige".
When we're able to pay for our tickets,
the counter lady asked "Any of you under 18?".
My friend and I looked at each other,
then I said ,"errm.. nope."
For a while, I was wondering what was the lady trying to imply. But since we got our tickets , I'll just forget about it.
That's one of the "first" to happen while going to a cinema. The "first" time we asked, "Are we under 18?"
The second "first" experience I have was buying a hot dog into cinema. It really feels a bit strange chomping a hotdog, because it's so dark , you can't even bloody see your dog. hahah.. to make things even worse, I bought a beef, my friend bought a chicken. We were trying to figure which one is ours. But my friend was smart, with the help of his handphone backlight, he took a look at the "dog", took his chicken dog because the color is brighter than my beef dog and started eating. I starting eating after him.

Overall, a nice experience having hotdogs in cinema.But,it's also my fault that we left late from home but Thank Goodness for GSC Summit's crowd which are basically lesser than of Sunway or 1utama's we got a quite good seats and still have ample to buy drinks and hotdogs.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Strange greeting card and a "good" mistake

Next wednesday (15/10/2006) will be last day for one of my colleagues in this company. Well, it's normal for people to come and go in my company. This is because it is a big company after all. Anyways,here's a photo of the greeting card that is passed around for people to sign.
Yeah.. I know it looks pretty weird for a greeting card, looks more like a menu in a high class chinese restaurant.
The contents of the greeting card.

The spicy Ayam Goreng McD.

Some of you should be wondering is this "good" mistake about. I was on car pool with a colleague on friday. Short story first, one of my colleague who was supposed to "tapao" 3 McD(TM) McChicken regular for 4 of us in office (due to troubleshooting problem , it wasn't convenient to leave the office),
ended up "tapao"ed 2 box of Ayam Goreng McD instead because she mistaken our order.
But, it was a blessing in disguise. (what kind of crap am I talking about).Anyways, it was good because 1 of us (4 persons) assumed that this problem solving is gonna take a short time decided to skip dinner. Thank God for the wrong order, we had 4 pieces of Ayam Goreng McD to share around.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Need for Speed : Carbon!!

Finally my pre-order copy of Need for Speed : Carbon arrived at my office.Hoo yah!!
After paying for RM79 (that's Malaysia Ringgit , MYR) plus RM31 for shipping, I waited for like 1 week +.
Initially, I only paid for RM6 for the shipping because the shipping company informed the game company , they (shipping company) covered my area. However, on 1 November 2006 I got a called from the game company stating the intial shipping company don't cover my area and asked me whether to use POSLaju or other courier company. Finally, they found that DHL covered my area and I have to pay an extra RM25 for delivery charges and said it should take 2 days to arrive, which I thought was friday.
But, DHL proved me wrong. It arrived on 2nd November 2006 and I'm a proud owner of Need for Speed: Carbon Collector's Edition.

Note to self:
I'll ask the game company to check with CityLink and Nationwide next time when I make a purchase,since they cover my area .

Lesson of the day:
Sometimes, a company's good service quality can be degraded by others who are serving for them.

Anyway, here's a few photos of Need for Speed : Carbon Collector's Edition boxed set.

The box of Need for Speed: Carbon Collector's Edition.

The case of Need For Speed : Carbon Collector's Edition.

The DVD on the left is the BONUS Disc, containing the making of NFS:Carbon, and etc.The DVD on the right is of course the GAME Disc.

It also came with 2 pieces of leaflets, 1 contains the CD key for this game,another leaflet highlights about games that will be released by EA in the coming future.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Esquire Kitchen dinner & The Covenant

Haven't been to the movies for quite some time now. Well, the last time I went was actually like around September 2006. Anyways, I went watch the movie "The Covenant" with my college friend, and also my colleague. Saw the trailer , looks like a nice movie too. BUT, IT'S NOT. It's a LOOOOOONG winded show, which doesn't know what is it trying to tell its audience. My colleague just calls it "Harry Potter Adult version".
But at least there's a story in Harry Potter. This?!!.. I have no idea what is it trying to tell. I'm not going to spoil the movie for you (even though it sucks, that's my opinion though). But, try as hard as you can to avoid this money UNLESS you have free movie passes. Then , it's another story.

After movie, we were having a hard time to decide what to eat. The problem is.. TOO MANY CHOICES.. lol... Finally, we settled for Esquire Kitchen. That is one choice I don't regret. The food is quite nice, not very crowded (which means good service) and certainly good food.

We didn't order a lot, my friend ordered Shanghai Noodle. Myself and my colleague ordered Yong Chow fried rice (yeah. I know very uncreative to order the same thing, but we're hungry watt.. just eat anything lah). But , I still like the fried wantan side order.
Best best best!!!

Here's some photo of food we ordered. Sorries no Shanghai Noodle photo.

Fried Wantan, nice man.Very D tasty man from Esquire Kitchen 1U. Esquire Kitchen also provided a bowl of sauce for us to dip into it. Nice man. Must remember to order if you going to Esquire Kitchen 1U. (haven't try Esquire Kitchen MINES's fried wantan before).

Yong Chow Fried rice. Taste okay. The nice thing about it is it's quite filling. I like it also.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


This is one of best Deepavali I ever had.
4 houses in 2 days!!! yeahhh harr..
3 of them were my colleagues, and another 1 is my secondary school classmate.

It was a tiring drive to my ex-colleague's place in Bandar Mahkota Cheras. But, I think it's well worth it. His friend, Adrian , was a funny fellow too.That's the second house on saturday. The same night I went to another colleague's place. The food was so-so , but the crowd, nice. warm feeling , just like being at home with your own family.

Well, my classmate's place was good too. The curry, rendang and all that were full of juicy gravy. Too bad we didn't make the proper arrangements, and ended up arriving before him being at home. Thank God his parents were at home, if not we'll sitting there like dungu waiting for him to come back.

Overall, it was great. Will post a photo of the "kolum" taken in 1 of the colleague's house.

Photo of "Kolum" (Correct spelling ar?)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

At last, I can play games!!

After my PC's video card (old pc) spoilt since last saturday (7/10/2006), I haven't been able to play any 3D games like Eve-online and stuff. Yeah, so far Eve-online is the only game I played. haha. Since it's not (economically) feasible to replace the kaput AGP ATi 9800 Pro , I made the decision to buy new set of system unit the next day. This includes AMD x2 3800+ CPU Dual Core, Gigabyte NF4 SLI motherboard, Gigabyte PCI-Express video card, 2 pieces of 512MB RAM , Thermaltake Big Typhoon CPU Fan, Coolermaster Centurion 5 casing. I got it from Compuzone Low Yat plaza. Costs me an arm and a leg, about RM2150 including credit card charges, which even costlier than previous upgrade to Socket 939 CPU.
Even though I got it back home on sunday, but I was too lazy to set it up. I was thinking of using my 200GB SATA hard disk from my old pc on my new pc. However, Partition Magic can't partition my 200GB SATA hard disk. (PartitionMagic can't partition, go figure).Since the hard disk is loaded with stuff, I rather not install my Windows XP on it for fear of corrupting my data in case the installation run into any problems.

So, I decided to purchase 250GB SATA hard disk. But , there's one problem. SATA controller drivers are not included with the Windows XP CD by default. Thus, I have to create my own start-up CD to include the SATA drivers so that I don't have to press F6 and insert the SATA driver floppy disk. I didn't buy a floppy drive for my new set of computer as well. So, that's way I have create a custom start-up CD.

Anyways, I finally set up my 250GB SATA hard disk with this Slipstream guide.
THANK YOU SHORT-MEDIA for creating such a simple guide and NLite (for such an awesome software) for making integration of SATA drivers a hell lot easier for computer users. I printed the guide in Landscape A4 and it took around 55 pages. Which is really a lot.

Well. I'll try to start playing games as soon as I'm done with installation of all the other software, eg. Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Office, sound card/ video card drivers, and etc.

Here's some photos of effects of a corrupted PowerColor ATi 9800 card, I bought it for about RM900 , 2 years ago (I guess?) during PC fair.

As you can see the fonts, have been mashed up together with some lines. Well, you can try to guess what they supposed to mean. or buy a new video card.Click the photos for close inspection.

Well you can see that there are some lines beside the cursor. This is what a corrupted video card can do to you.Click the photos for a closer inspection.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Here we go to war!!!!

Sometimes it's just feels like the whole world is going to crumble in seconds. like. wtf was that for?!..

like everyone is out to get you. I think it's me, or my brain goes on overdrive.Maybe.
"Lack of communication skills"?!!.. hah... what a joke?! it's "good communication skills" to hide behind a "Be nice to everyone" face?!..

man..what a joke!!!... I'm frustrated because some joker despite being an idiot, still being given "highly respected" task. While I myself being semi-genius (woei. u think I'm genius meh?..don't want so.. show off lah)... , then i was assigned to measly tasks. If you don't do, they lable you "negative influence", whatever shit lah , etc.

I mean , wtf is wrong with you?! I'm just being realistic. pheh.... Optimistic my butt...

Enough ranting... ahhh.. feeling half better. will try to feel better friday morning.

Rest In Peace.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Resignation and Resignation

Yeap, the time I posted entry is really 3.19am in the morning. I just sleep early on friday night and woke up at 1am in on saturday morning.

Anyway, back the title of the posts. I had 3 colleagues who all resigned within the month of September.
The 1st , is my company's Accounts Clerk, Ms Mountain Beauty, she have been with our company for proably 4 years + since I joined after her.
The 2nd, is our company's HR Executive, Sabrina, she has also been with our company for about the same years as Ms. Mountain Beauty.
The 3rd, is our company's payroll executive, Ms. Happy-go-lucky ,at the time of resignation , she has already been transferred to another subsidiary which is nearby to us, which probably joined us for about 2 years +, I guess.

Since Sabrina and Ms. Happy-go-lucky final day is close to each other, the former is on 22nd, the latter is on 30th, we made the decision to combine both farewell dinner together. To my knowledge, is quite a good idea.

Well, it's been 4+ of glory years working with Ms. Mountain Beauty and Ms. Sabrina. After Ms. Sabrina's departure, it has been big loss to me. This being we were quite close friends for some time. But, I should learn to move on and continue working in my company.

Hopefully, with a better experience and knowledge, I'll also be able to grab better offer waiting for me somewhere out there.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Low Yat Plaza #2

This would the second time in the same month, but different weekend that I been to the same place. Fortunately , with a different group of people.

This time, we're accompanying a colleague, Mr. Cefiro (that because he drives on) , to buy a new pc and slash prices.(with my colleague, Mr. Teriyaki (nope, that's not his real name) trying his hand on negotiating for the best price.Unfortunately, Mr. Cefiro had other plans for his hard earned cash. Thus, he ended spending more money on his new computer.

After spending too much on looking for a good casing, we were quite lucky that the shop that we're going buy the other components (motherboard, cpu, ram,and etc.) is not close yet. Mind you by the time we're done with casing, it's around 8pm (I guess). The shop , IT Hypermarket, which we bought LCD monitor was actually closing down when we're leaving.

Anyway, since it's dinner time. Mr. Cefiro took us to Setapak, for dinner. Nasi Lemak was quite okay.

I'll post up my photos when I have a better line.
Uploading photos with a GPRS connection is just way pathetic.(it always fails)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Low Yat Plaza (Shokudǒ Restaurant)

Shodoku Menu

Some snack plate that we shared.

What I ordered, Salmon Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi , The real thing.

A Lamp in a Lantern case in Shokudǒ Restaurant

Went to Low Yat to accompany friend to purchase a PC for his younger brother, and also went PC shopping with another friend. We stopped by this
restaurant Shokudǒ. Japanese food just average, nothing special . The Salmon sushi seems a bit sloppy?.. can't feel the "freshness" when you chew it. not like the Sunway Sushi King. Overall, I think the food is just okay. Nothing to shout about.
Maybe we'll try the Thai food next time since Shokudǒ is Japan & Thai Fucsion restaurant.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

My mail to Boss Stewie

I found out an intresting blog about an Entrepreneur , Boss Stewie , that talks about his struggles to success. So I emailed him to ask him about how does he start his company and stuff.

Here's part of the reply.

" Dear Maniacz,

I assume that the 'business' you're planning to start is a dotcom like mine.

Let me try to answer your first question.

The only time I earned money of my own was during my past two summer holidays where I did internships at two different investment banks.

So you can imagine that the money I earned and saved was hardly enough for me to embark on this business. "

You can read about the whole reply here.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


While on the way to airport, after passing this oil palm factory. I saw an accident.
So I took a photo of it. So, here it is.

As you can say it's a long trailer, some of its cargo (oil palms if I'm not mistaken fell on the side of the road), and it also knocked down the traffic light in that area.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What a rush!!

After driving for constant 120km/h on KESAS highway, I think it is safe to say that my trusty Wira still be able to high speeds. The thing is I rarely drive so fast, another thing is , this Wira has been in my family for about 7 years + liao. So I really appreciate that my trusty Wira didn't give me any problems.
Well, I was actually rushing to Damansara Utama Tai Thong for a dinner with my cousin. My mother and myself haven't seen her for years.. that's about like 5 years. wow... that's a pretty long time time. Dinner supposed to start at 7pm. We expect to reach at 7.30pm, but for some unknown reasons. We were caught in traffic jam caused by breakdown of some other roaduser's vehicle. not 1 but 2 on our way to PJ.
*grrrrr*. Anyway, we reached at 7.45pm. Phew. Thank God.

Dinner was over quite fast. We had hainan chicken(??), assam fish, chicken soup, fried prawns, deer meat(yeahh. babeh...nice man..). So, after dinner mom suggested we go over to aunt's place. So we chat for while with uncles, aunties and all. Then , it's driving back home again.

Driving back home is definitely a more comfortable journey because I don't have to rush anymore. I just wished I don't have to work for the next day.


Update: Photos of food

Claypot Tauhu I guess.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Uselss S-O-Bs n Bs!!

Well, it's the end of the month. Well, 1 more day actually. My friend , RT , has just been admitted to hospital due dengue. Man. sad sad case.Hopefully, he'll get well soon. He told me he'll be in the hospital probably from 1 up to 3 days. Either way , I hope he gets well soon..

Recently, I've been getting quite EMO. hahah.. guys also can be like that. Anyway, I don't know what happened to my so called "friends". Either they disappeared into thin-air or some shit just happened to them and they don't want to discuss it. I mean like what the hell is wrong with this people?!

Ya lah... you're busy. I also busy what. At least email me/sms/call me and tell me how you doing. I care about you also. It's not like you're only bloody person in this world. C'mon lah. I'm somewhat glad that RT told me about how he was. I'm just a little annoyed with some of my friends. If they still are.

Maybe I should get used to doing things alone. Like I used to.

Monday, July 24, 2006

A wedding dinner

I just attended a wedding on saturday night. It was my neighbour's wedding. I was actually quite reluctant to attend in the first place. But, in the end, I chose to attend anyway because I wasn't going to let my mother attending the dinner. After all, my mom paid for the wedding ang pow(LOLz. yeah what a good excuse).

Anyway, there I was in the wedding. walking around with my mom trying to look for anyone that we know. We actually met someone we knew, Mr. S, who is a music school principal, whose music school is where my sister attends her class. So, we followed sheepishly behind him and his wife and then someone waved them over and their table was full.
DANG! i thought what the hell are we supposed to do now?!

Then, out of nowhere. An old couple waved at us. That old couple turn out be the grandparents of one of my mom's kindy's students. Phew! I thought and we sat down.

Everything was going well. There was a some great performance from 2 beautiful dancers. One of them has a big beautiful eyes and long hair, while another has short hair. Both of them are quite tall, erm. but I don't the measurements. Anyway, I kinda liked the long hair one. Nope, I didn't get a chance to talk either one of the. I'm a shy guy. haha.

The food was great too. It was strange tho that the wedding dinner was prepared by restaurant that is not based in my town but from Sekincan, which is a town about 1 hour and half drive from my place. There was the usual 5 seasons dish, chicken soup, pork, fish , ice cream and glutinous rice. Forgive me for not being able reveal their "beautiful" names because I wasn't anywhere near the menu anyway.

The dinner finished around 10pm+. Everyone just left the place in a jiffy when the last dish was served. If this were to be in KL, i think people are still having their dinner.

Anyway, it was good event. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Watching tv

I have been watching a lot of tv lately and surfing less Internet because it's already close to 12 when I'm done.
Then I wonder, why is it the watching tv is such an addictive event? Why is it taking so big chunk of time that I
didn't really realised I had wasted so much of my time.

I finally found on friday night that it was THOSE FRIGGIN advertisements were the reason why. Nowadays it seems that
even night shows aren't as enjoyable as it used to be. Even though you can channel surf, but all the channels got is
ADs, ADs, ADs and MORE ADVERTISEMENT. SO you have to have to wait for stupid ADs to end, then only back to the show.

THIS SUCKS. This is just plain annoying. So from now on, watch less tv and surf for net.

hahah... hope it works.

Friday, July 07, 2006

"Instant" Sore throat and Mahjong Playing

Let's start with exploding medicine, today I just had an "instant" sore throat experience.
Just a few days ago, I went to see doctor for the following sickness (in not particular order):
a) Sore throat
b) Coughing
c) Body ache
d) Fever
So, the doctor gave 4 types of pills, 1 medical (beverage?).This morning, while finished drinking
coffee and swalloed my pills. I went toilet for the "large" one". While I was about done, I felt like
burping, out of nowhere, I felt a small explosion or tinge of pain in my throat. I think turns out
that the pills that I swallowed, somehow backdrift up to my throat. Man, the experience was painful. I felt like going to throwing up, yet at the same time I have to complete my "large one" . So , there I was scrambling for toilet paper and trying not to puke at the same time. Maybe I shouldn't mix coffee with pills.
Anyhow, I went to work as usual and talk to co-workers about this experience. It turns out others also faced the same problem before. One of them just advised me to drink lots of water and forget about sharp pain in your throat. Well, that advice worked. Thank God for that because I don't like to see doctors unless it's really necessary.

About Mahjong playing,
As I was watching "Madu Tiga" on tv9 (06/07/2006) 10pm, I observed something peculiar.
The main character's (Jamil,act by the late Tun P. Ramlee) wife,(Latifah, dunno who's the actress) is playing mahjong in the movie. In fact,Jamil scold his wife silly because she only knows nothing but playing mahjong.
So, what's so peculiar? If Malays in the late Tun P. Ramlee's years had already
playing mahjong with chinese ladies, how come we don't see that nowadays? It seems that Malaysia has better racial tolerance in those days. All this are my assumptions though because the movie did not show anything concrete to prove they know how to play anymore. It's pretty pointless to show that either because it's only a tiny portion of the movie. It's just telling the audience, Malays playing mahjong is not such a big thing at all.

Why so much has changed compared to Tun P. Ramlee's years? It's not logical. So, when Malay can play mahjong with Chinese so peacefully last time,why is it not possible now?
Have the Malaysian government / politicians and etc. poisoned the
Malaysians' minds to keep everything to themselves?

Can someone explain to me why is this happening?

Is this some sort of injustice? Maybe , maybe not. Maybe I'm just thinking too much.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It's not nice and I don't like it either.

It's been 5 days (27/05/2006) since 1 of my colleagues passed away. He died due to a fatal accident in the workplace. I work in a manufacturing based company, accidents and deaths can be quite common
in this industry if safety precautions are not taken. But, it doesn't mean that I don't feel
for these people who injured, died while working. I feel for them, but because I hardly know them
so it doesn't really affect me emotionally. There are roughly 1500-2000 staff, workers, etc. in this whole place. You can't really expect to know everyone on a personal level. Anyhow, this time it's just wee bit different. I know this guy. He was my friend, I would some chit chat with him once in a while. I know he's a good guy, he really works hard. I dealt with him a lot on my programming modifications. It was just sad when I heard about the news. When a clerk broke the news about his death around 8.30am. I heard an ambulance siren just before she mentioned about it. I thought the ambulance came in for someone else. It wasn't someone else. It was HIM. I was surprised when she told me about his death, I was still waiting for someone to confirm that news. When I saw people gathering around and whispering with each other, and I saw a female colleague who was also close to him cried, I know this has to be him. I was stunned. That whole morning, it just didn't felt good at all. It just felt weird.

When I got back home, I was going through my mind as what his wife would feel like when she received news about her husband's death. She must be devastated. As I was thinking about it, his voice kept running through my mind. It was like....I met him yesterday. I felt like crying but there were no tears. I finally understood how does it felt like to lose someone close to you.I know I will never be prepared for something despite that I think I can handle this kind of things. I was sad then mad about how God could take away someone's life just like that. I questioned why and how can such event occur.It just seems unfair, because he won't be able to see his children grow up to be mature adults. Well, as one of the company staff just put it, "maybe it's just his fate."

Well, Mr. Y. May you rest in peace.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

A new month!!

It's starting a new month. Well, again, I haven't been blogging because there's nothing much to blog about. haha.

No. it's more like I'm lazy and there stupid dial-up connections sucks that whenver I want log into blogger. It just taking too long so I just give up and don't bother updating my blog.

Hmmm. let me see what happened last month. Well, 1 of my kittens died. I'm not sure what's the cause of death. A few days prior to its death, it doesn't seem to have any appetite. At first, I thought it wander off somewhere and didn't come back. But, the smell of its rotten body hit my senses, I realised it have been dead for a few days , with maggots crawling all over. It's not a pretty sight. Despite throwing up, I still snapped some photos before I packed it into garbage bag.I was rushing to work, what do you expect me to do? Dig a hole? (sorry , animal activists , I know the kitten deserved better).

On my work, I was given an (important) assignment to create a certain program. When I started on this assignment I was totally clueless. When I started to get some help, then all those solutions came clear to me. I mean then I found there a few ways to solve the problem. So, it was great fun to clear (almost) everything , and start from scratch again. Yeah, it was tough but it was great learning experience. That's why I liked programming. hehe.

Well, that's all for now.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

It's easy to jump into conclusion but not out of

Everyday we read, hear, watch news about a lot of incident in Malaysia. One of these incidents include people escaping from rehabitation centre, juvenile

crime detention centres,illegal immigrant detention centre and etc.

The politicians will come up and say this and that, like so and so centre's security and whatsoever facilities should be upgraded. The public might take into

their words and think that the management of these centres are doing their crappy job after all the funding from government. But , think again. Are these

politicians supposed to responsible for their own territory's security and well being? Are they going to say that because they because did not approve

thefunding for X centre to tighten security and that's all this escapade / fight / whatever crap happened?Definitely NO right? Just ponder for while. Is it

possible that such event occurs?

Just consider this. Management of X centre comes to ask for relevant authorities (maybe include politicians) help to upgrade their centre's facility.
Relevant authorities denies such request. Maybe management didn't give up, they kept requesting from other parties then finally gave up
and lived with whatever they have.Suddenly, an incident occured. There was fight, people get killed. Someone escape, then the shit hit the fans.The media
is all over the place. Out of the blue, all the politicians who were rejecting their request before this came out of nowhere start commenting about all this

tighten up security crap. Publicity stunt?

Maybe this seems far fetch maybe not. Just think could it possible?

Dislaimer: Just one of conspiracy theories. Just take it with a pinch of salt. I'm just expressing my opinion.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A blow too much....

Another 2 colleagues just left the company last friday. We had a lengthy BBQ farewell dinner. Well, I would agree that it's quite rare to have a BBQ for a farewell dinner. But, it's really quite boring when all the farewell dinners are held in restaurants.

Well, so far to date, we had 4 colleagues leaving my company.
3 from accounts department, and 1 is from my department, IT department. The recent departure of my colleague is definitely a strong blow to our department. When he was around, he can also support the users when my desktop support colleagues is not around. Now, we also have to do desktop support.It's not that it's degrading us in any way, it's just that we do have our respective areas. The users will never understand that the problem they're having is not our respective area.

I sincerely hope we can do something about effects of loss of this colleague.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Kah Sieeeen..

After I checked my blog, I realised the last time I blogged was about 12 days ago. Oohh man. So long. Then again, I also don't know who reads my blog anyway. Err, if anyone is reading my blog.
Please leave some comments. At least I know I got some "fans" . hahaha.

Anyway, what happened in these 12 days? Well, first my 2GB Sony Pro Duo Memory Stick starting to give me problems, so I back up all the files and formatted it. No, it can't work. No problem. I thought my card reader was the culprit. So I took it a friend's place and used his card reader instead. Bloody hell, still can't format. So, I tried to format his Sony Memory Stick with card reader. It worked. Okies, so my card reader has no problem , but Memory Stick is crap now.
Dang.. it's about 3-4 months old only. Stupid piece of crap.

So, I bought a 2GB USB pen drive to replace that piece of crap while awaiting warranty. That Memory Stick was actually used for PSP. I was reluctant to buy a pen drive at first because I don't want to waste so much money buying 2 items. I thought I could use the memory stick as sort of portable drive. Yeah I know it's troublesome to bring the card reader around, but it's thin though. I can use it on my PSP and also my PC. So far, the pen drive performs okay. But deleting files like html files saved with pictures is quite slow. Maybe there are just too many files.

I was supposed to buy a new phone today (sunday) because someone's fault, I didn't get my phone. I know waiting another week, I might save up a bit more. I DON'T CARE!. My current phone is giving PROBLEMS to me liao. Make some calls, the power level will drop from full bar to half a bar. Then, while making / receiving calls with half power , suddenly it'll warn me to charge my phone or it'll drop dead after I talked for a few seconds. ARRRGGHH!

Basically, other than getting the pen drive, it just doesn't seem like there's much to be happy about. Hey , wait. There's still more. I finally got rid of left-cover computer casings. Yay!!. Less junk in the house.

I'm also in the midst of changing my host for my website too. Yea.Now you know what my blog starts with shootme1st. That's all for now.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Is there anything wrong?

I have no idea with why people can't accept ideas that are revolutionary sometimes. I mean if there is possibility of conceiving children without a mother's womb. Why not consider it?

What is wrong with conceiving children? Just quoting a simple example. Is there any difference between an egg hatched by a hen and by a machine? They still come out as chickens. They don't seem to behave in any other different than other chickens. So, why not consider conceiving children without a mother's womb? Some claim it's playing God. Some claim it's not natural. Some claim it's a woman's role to give birth. So, is this just some lame excuse for not accepting this technology if it becomes available?

If this technology is safer than mother's womb? An artifical womb doesn't have to be subjected to the problem's of a mother's womb. A baby's life might be in danger if the mother's an irresponsible individual, eg. alcoholic, drug abuser. But, of course if the mother is an irresponsible individual, she shouldn't be having a baby anyway.

This technology will benefit women in a whole as well. Why? Because women don't have to suffer ugly stretch marks, they don't lose their valuable time carrying the baby in their womb. It also eliminates them from labor pain. What else would they want to ask for? Management can also look forward for no-interuption working all year long because it's no longer necessary for female staff to take long maternity leave. Women can also do away with the throwing up, dizziness, and other effects of pregnancy. I think this pretty much justifies the reason why this technology should be used.

So, why shouldn't men/women consider this technology?

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mini movie and game review

Sometimes the movie gets so annoying. I wished I was God or some almighthy being in the movie which can I snapped the younger brother's neck into pieces. Crush that stupid idiot into pieces. Man. that kid is annoyting.. Oh wait. I think the kid just now how to act. He knows how to annoy the hell out of his audience. Although I said we did learn something out of this movie, but I think the annoying behaviour of the younger brother character is just too much. No, I will not recommend you to watch it. BY ALL MEANS. But, if you're in the mood for a hot chick, some good looking dude and learn a lesson or two. Then BY ALL MEANS watch it.

Rainbow 6: Lockdown
THIS GAME SUCKS! One of the worse Rainbow Six series I've ever played. The AI is so stupid that it comes running when it spots you. Graphically wise, it looks much better compared to Close Combat : First to Fight. Of course, it is logically since it is released after Close Combat: First to Fight.

Close Combat: First To Fight
This GAME SUCKS too. Well, the AI is just about the same as the RB6: Lockdown. Sometimes , the AI soldiers will come so close but it won't fire at you. Strange eh? Both games are crap equally. So much effort used, but they still create a crappy game.

Well, unless you are really frustrated. Try these 2 games. It will release a great amount of stress if you just don't want to bother with games like DOOM III or Quake IV.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Farewell dinner and petai

We just had short farewell dinner for one of our colleagues on tuesday. She's quiting to continue her studies. The dinner was great. Food was fine nevertheless , generally better than the previous farewell dinner we had before. Our dear colleague just cried so much when we sang a song for her before she slices her farewell dinner cake. Awwww, we wish her well in everything she does.

Now, about the petai. One of food served was fried spicy petai. It's a bad idea to take a lot of petai.
NO. I shouldn't have done that. But, I did. Everything went well on wednesday morning.BUT, problem starts after lunch. Crap. I kept farting and farting. The smell, well, let's just it's not very pleasant. Finally, my colleague also knew where the smell came from. Woops. But, he being understanding (Thanks for that) just didn't go around telling the whole office about this whole shebang.


so, note to self. DON'T TAKE SO MUCH PETAI!!.. NO NO NO!!!

Nevertheless, we had a great time karaoke singing. They even dragged me on stage with another colleague to sing a song.


Thursday, February 23, 2006

The feeling of yesterday

Just 2 days while I was chatting with a friend, she told she being tired because she stayed up late in office to finish off some stuff. So, I just jokingly said that I'll offer her my shoulder to let her lean on.

At that instant, it somehow brought back the memories of myself offering my shoulder to a gal friend of mine a long time ago. It just felt like it happened yesterday. The details I remember so vividly, I guess.

I remember that I was near the lab. She pulled me away to tell me something. So, naturally being the slow-wit fella. I just followed her. She told me about her friend being in an accident and now is in a coma. She started crying right in front of me. I was confused, I panicked, I don't know what to do.I just stand beside her and let her cry.

After she calmed down, then we just sat down somewhere and she just lean on my shoulder. I didn't really feel anything.I just let her lean on my shoulder without thinking of anything at all.
Now, when I think back. I really miss that feeling a lot. The feeling that you're there when people need you. It just makes you feel important.

Well, that is all in the past. I have to live my life.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Anti-piracy protection

Software protection has certainly came a long way. So does software piracy too.
We have serial numbers, online activation, patching with modified .exe files and etc.

But, nothing beats the latest move on anti piracy. The user has to disconnect
all the CD/DVDROM drives in order to run the game.
This has certainly bad news for pirate games supporters because it is truly quite
a hassle to install the game to HDD, copy the image file to the hdd, mount
the image file with CD Cloning software e.g DAEMON tools, then unplug your CD/DVDROM

But, this is a certainly great news for some e.g game developers, because more people
might support Original games because of the hassle caused during the pirate games
installation. Then again, unplugging your CD/DVDROM drive while playing games might
be a small price to pay.

But, it remains to be seen how far will the games pirates and the games developers go
to outsmart each others.Hopefully, some day when games become so cheap it just doesn't
make sense to make pirated copies anymore.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Sick! Sick! Sick!

This is my forth day after being infected by sore throat. Sore throat will worsen even though no matter what you do. Although it hasn't come to the stage where I can't talk, but I'm almost there and it just doesn't feel good at all.

Why did I say sore throat will get worse no matter what you do? Well, when you found out that you have sore throat, you'll start to drink more water. But your throat will still get worse, even if you take any form of medication, you'll still feel the discomfort.The next day you'll feel even worse, your throat feels like something stuck there and swallowing your food becomes a chore.

But, the 3rd day, you'll have a lot of mucus discharge. However, you won't have a hard time swallowing food as the day before.But the mucus discharge and also runny nose will make your life one hell hole.

The 4th day, you won't have much mucus discharge, and runny nose. But you'll start coughing instead.

I'll see what happens on the 5th day.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Nothing to BLOG about.

Well, I haven't been blogging for some time.
1) Because I'm lazy.
2) Basically nothing intresting happened in my life.
Then again, I think it's reason (1) . hehe.

Just last week, I went to the airport for 3 TIMES.
Monday, I went there to pick up my brother.
Wednesday, I went there to pick up my father.
Thursday, I went there to pick up my brother (again).
Pheh, bueah tahan...

Let's start with some good news.
CNY is here. That means ang pow. Hmm. What else?Ohh yes.
I just bought a 19" LCD monitor. After using the LCD a while , I felt the what has been so "syok" about owning a LCD monitor. It tooked some time for me to adjust to the LCD monitor.
probably it was because I upgraded from a 17" Samsung 765MB CRT monitor to the
Samsung 930BF LCD.
But , it felt great 'coz the screen was SO MUCH BIGGER. BIGGER..DAMN !#^^&*# BIG.
hahhahahaha.. (yeah, I can hear some of you calling me show-off).

Now the bad news.
CNY is here. That means coming back to hometown , spending lots of time on sleeping, reading books and magazines I brought from home and playing games on my Playstation. ANNOYING CNY songs. arrgghh... Same ol' singing style every year yet they release albums after albums.
Are people really so suckered to buy them ar I wonder? More colleagues are leaving the company. A total of 4 administrative staff have resigned from the company. There is 1 or 2 of them which I'm kinda have fun working with them. It's sad but I wished them good luck to their future endavours.

Maybe I should look into what I really want in my life. A wife? or a Life? hahah. I do hope my dreams of owning a game development studio can be achieved some day. hmm. some day.

Time to sleep 'coz it's 1.22am in the morning. Signing off.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sungai Besar trip

Dear blog,
I went for short trip at my colleague's place in Sungai Besar. It was definitely fun-filled journey. We left from my place and arrived around his home around 8pm++. On the way , we made 2 stops.

The first stop was the Petronas petrol station, which one of our colleagues make a desperate to hold her bowels before it explodes, 'coz for unknown reason, the ladies was locked, while she was forced to wait till the gents is vacant.

The second stop was one beach in Kuala Selangor i guessed?! It was definitely a nice beach. But, certain "quick sand" situation also forced 2 of our colleagues too be stucked in the sand. Fortunately, they managed get themselves out of the sand. We continued taking photos around the beach. It was relieving to watch the birds fly in a formation.

We continued our journey and finally reach his dad's restaurant. My colleague got his keys from his dad and continued home. The house is a typical chinese new village house, long house with lots of rooms. We rest for a while , take turns bathing and proceeded to his dad's restaurant. We had the meal of our life, the steamboat was filled with lots of food e.g crabs, prawns , noodles, eggs, vegetable, and etc. It was so full that we also paused for drinking red wines.

Then, we continued chatting till his dad's restaurant closing time. We proceeded to his house and continued playing card games till friggin 3am in the morning.

We woke up 4 hours later, ready for our clamshell collection journey.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Izzit too much to ask for?

Dear blog,
I don't what is wrong with my life or wrong with me. Probably I'm asking too much and giving too little. Am I asking too much?
When a friend of mine who has been missing contact for LOOOOONG time started contacted me again, I thought my time of having commitment to someone is finally come. aka girl friend. Yea, yea. probably I'm too naive. Whatever. Anyhow, she asked me to attend a seminar that is
8 hours. 8 HOURS!!.. hey man, 8 hours is juz too friggin long. Furthermore, I'm not intrested in MLM. In fact, I attended a short meeting with one of my friends in the same MLM company a few months ago.
I was like WHAT?! Can't I just get a decent girl friend? who also likes to play games, who's pretty, who has a same education background and also share other same interests with me? who also have the same religion as I am. (too much requirements eh?) Yea. I have an interest in getting lots of money. I don't consider that an interest. I consider that a need.

Anyhow, when I rejected her invitation to the seminar.She tried to talk more about her company , presumably to convinced me to go to the seminar with me. But, I'm just not intrested. I have to say I will be quite happy to go for a movie, or window shopping , but attending an 8-hours seminar just too much for me. 8 hours too much lah.. 3 hours okay lah.
If a person/ group of people can't share their ideas in less than 5 hours, then I'm just not intrested. I have short attention span, so there that's it.

Bloody hell, don't know what the shit am I blogging about. Haha.

Conclusion, 8 hours seminar = won't attend, 5 or less hours seminar = still can consider,
1 hour seminar = will consider but most probably will attend 'coz it don't take up a lot of time mah.