Friday, January 06, 2006

Izzit too much to ask for?

Dear blog,
I don't what is wrong with my life or wrong with me. Probably I'm asking too much and giving too little. Am I asking too much?
When a friend of mine who has been missing contact for LOOOOONG time started contacted me again, I thought my time of having commitment to someone is finally come. aka girl friend. Yea, yea. probably I'm too naive. Whatever. Anyhow, she asked me to attend a seminar that is
8 hours. 8 HOURS!!.. hey man, 8 hours is juz too friggin long. Furthermore, I'm not intrested in MLM. In fact, I attended a short meeting with one of my friends in the same MLM company a few months ago.
I was like WHAT?! Can't I just get a decent girl friend? who also likes to play games, who's pretty, who has a same education background and also share other same interests with me? who also have the same religion as I am. (too much requirements eh?) Yea. I have an interest in getting lots of money. I don't consider that an interest. I consider that a need.

Anyhow, when I rejected her invitation to the seminar.She tried to talk more about her company , presumably to convinced me to go to the seminar with me. But, I'm just not intrested. I have to say I will be quite happy to go for a movie, or window shopping , but attending an 8-hours seminar just too much for me. 8 hours too much lah.. 3 hours okay lah.
If a person/ group of people can't share their ideas in less than 5 hours, then I'm just not intrested. I have short attention span, so there that's it.

Bloody hell, don't know what the shit am I blogging about. Haha.

Conclusion, 8 hours seminar = won't attend, 5 or less hours seminar = still can consider,
1 hour seminar = will consider but most probably will attend 'coz it don't take up a lot of time mah.

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