Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's more than a month

It's been more a month's time, I haven't been updating my blog. Lazy fella I am. Will try to blog soon.

For the September to November, I've been working, working , working, attending wedding dinner one after another (until I got really fed up. no offence. to those that I'm going to attend), open house, farewell dinner and etc.

Taken CCNA exam and failed it. Going out with ex-colleague and friend, watched Quantum of Solace (damn shitty movie, at least Max Payne was better) , Madagascar 2 (very funny movie, didn't watch the 1st) and Max Payne.

Met an ex-collegemate, had lunch with him , listening to him bragging talking about NGV and about his working experience. very enlightening indeed, makes me feel grateful about my job.

That roughly sums up what I did for that long period that I'm not blogging.

MaN|acZ signing off.