Friday, June 29, 2012

more money = more happiness? 钱多=更高兴?

is money really that important?

To most, it is. Would you think someone earning more than you is having a happier life? Is a higher wage more important? or that job satisfaction

I was inspired by this youtube video about MyFM DJs talking about job satisfaction or wage.

Interest to a job a is very important. It's not the job of the employer to find what is interesting for the

employee.It's the job of the employee to find what is interesting of one's job.

Man. I suck at this. (blogging about this seems to turn out to be sometime else that I wanted)

Anyways, I could be blogging myself to console myself :P.


对,大多数人觉得钱很重要。你会觉得别人赚得比你多,会比你更高兴吗? 高薪重要?






Thursday, June 28, 2012

a long long time ago, in a far far galaxy.

I've noticed it's been half a year that I've touched this blog. . a really long time.

anyways. During these few months, I've resigned and changed a new job. Half a year plus. 

After changing to a new job, I think my mindset changed a lot. I've learned that in a big 

organisation, you probably need to have a lot of support to move up the ladder. meaning A LOT 

of people has to be behind your back. or you could probably kiss your job good bye.

Sometimes working in a big organisation, your colleagues / superiors seem to expect a lot 

from you. Unfortunately, help could be quite minimal and you could be on yourself most of the 

time. It could a true test for yourself that you could make it through. If anyone that I know is 

reading this, you know who I'm talking about. Otherwise, you just keep this to yourself :).

Fortunately, I left and went for a smaller scale company. Since leaving this big company, I think I 

was a bit afraid of joining a new company (even though this is my 5th company that I've joined).

I mean new environment, new company and all that. But after being with them with 2 months, 

I think things might not be that tough after all. With this new company, I think I made more 

mistakes but gained more from these mistakes. In a big company, sometimes even small 

mistakes could be magnified a gazillion times, as if you've terminated the dear life of someone.

I'm grateful I've learned a lot in a short span of time. There's so much to learn. Big companies 

has specialized job roles, which probably means 1 role 1 person. You'll probably be an expert 

in your own field, it probably just ends there. Smaller company 1 person might have multiple 

roles, though not specialized, but you do have a lot more knowledge to gain. I think I'm more of 

the small company type of employee.  Well, I'm just happy that I'm working in my new company. 

Friday, December 30, 2011

should I buy a branded or non branded product?

what is a branded product? and what is a non-branded product?

Why do we buy branded products?

When I was small, I was taught that buying branded should be frown upon. Because essentially buying something that overpriced but little value.

But as I grew older, it's entirely a different case. Every brand has a vision.Some chose to be only luxury products. Some chose to be available for all price range.

The reason these companies priced their products are also what drives the brand the company. If everyone owned a Ferrari, the car would probably lose it's exclusive touch. If Ferrari made their cars in mass amounts such as of the Proton, it probably won't be attractive as it is now.

But, on the other hand, certain brands do carry models for different price range. For example, Logitech.
Logitech is computer peripheral company. They sells speakers, mouse, keyboard, steering wheels, and etc.
Some of these models prices start from RM30 and above.

The reason we buy a certain brand, because we know and we trust this brand will give us the quality that we want. For example, I paid RM30 for a pair of speakers which will work for as much as I paid it, that it won't break down easily but just sufficient to fulfil my audio enjoyment.

My point is, the view was I taught when I was young is totally invalid.