Monday, March 20, 2006

Kah Sieeeen..

After I checked my blog, I realised the last time I blogged was about 12 days ago. Oohh man. So long. Then again, I also don't know who reads my blog anyway. Err, if anyone is reading my blog.
Please leave some comments. At least I know I got some "fans" . hahaha.

Anyway, what happened in these 12 days? Well, first my 2GB Sony Pro Duo Memory Stick starting to give me problems, so I back up all the files and formatted it. No, it can't work. No problem. I thought my card reader was the culprit. So I took it a friend's place and used his card reader instead. Bloody hell, still can't format. So, I tried to format his Sony Memory Stick with card reader. It worked. Okies, so my card reader has no problem , but Memory Stick is crap now.
Dang.. it's about 3-4 months old only. Stupid piece of crap.

So, I bought a 2GB USB pen drive to replace that piece of crap while awaiting warranty. That Memory Stick was actually used for PSP. I was reluctant to buy a pen drive at first because I don't want to waste so much money buying 2 items. I thought I could use the memory stick as sort of portable drive. Yeah I know it's troublesome to bring the card reader around, but it's thin though. I can use it on my PSP and also my PC. So far, the pen drive performs okay. But deleting files like html files saved with pictures is quite slow. Maybe there are just too many files.

I was supposed to buy a new phone today (sunday) because someone's fault, I didn't get my phone. I know waiting another week, I might save up a bit more. I DON'T CARE!. My current phone is giving PROBLEMS to me liao. Make some calls, the power level will drop from full bar to half a bar. Then, while making / receiving calls with half power , suddenly it'll warn me to charge my phone or it'll drop dead after I talked for a few seconds. ARRRGGHH!

Basically, other than getting the pen drive, it just doesn't seem like there's much to be happy about. Hey , wait. There's still more. I finally got rid of left-cover computer casings. Yay!!. Less junk in the house.

I'm also in the midst of changing my host for my website too. Yea.Now you know what my blog starts with shootme1st. That's all for now.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Is there anything wrong?

I have no idea with why people can't accept ideas that are revolutionary sometimes. I mean if there is possibility of conceiving children without a mother's womb. Why not consider it?

What is wrong with conceiving children? Just quoting a simple example. Is there any difference between an egg hatched by a hen and by a machine? They still come out as chickens. They don't seem to behave in any other different than other chickens. So, why not consider conceiving children without a mother's womb? Some claim it's playing God. Some claim it's not natural. Some claim it's a woman's role to give birth. So, is this just some lame excuse for not accepting this technology if it becomes available?

If this technology is safer than mother's womb? An artifical womb doesn't have to be subjected to the problem's of a mother's womb. A baby's life might be in danger if the mother's an irresponsible individual, eg. alcoholic, drug abuser. But, of course if the mother is an irresponsible individual, she shouldn't be having a baby anyway.

This technology will benefit women in a whole as well. Why? Because women don't have to suffer ugly stretch marks, they don't lose their valuable time carrying the baby in their womb. It also eliminates them from labor pain. What else would they want to ask for? Management can also look forward for no-interuption working all year long because it's no longer necessary for female staff to take long maternity leave. Women can also do away with the throwing up, dizziness, and other effects of pregnancy. I think this pretty much justifies the reason why this technology should be used.

So, why shouldn't men/women consider this technology?

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mini movie and game review

Sometimes the movie gets so annoying. I wished I was God or some almighthy being in the movie which can I snapped the younger brother's neck into pieces. Crush that stupid idiot into pieces. Man. that kid is annoyting.. Oh wait. I think the kid just now how to act. He knows how to annoy the hell out of his audience. Although I said we did learn something out of this movie, but I think the annoying behaviour of the younger brother character is just too much. No, I will not recommend you to watch it. BY ALL MEANS. But, if you're in the mood for a hot chick, some good looking dude and learn a lesson or two. Then BY ALL MEANS watch it.

Rainbow 6: Lockdown
THIS GAME SUCKS! One of the worse Rainbow Six series I've ever played. The AI is so stupid that it comes running when it spots you. Graphically wise, it looks much better compared to Close Combat : First to Fight. Of course, it is logically since it is released after Close Combat: First to Fight.

Close Combat: First To Fight
This GAME SUCKS too. Well, the AI is just about the same as the RB6: Lockdown. Sometimes , the AI soldiers will come so close but it won't fire at you. Strange eh? Both games are crap equally. So much effort used, but they still create a crappy game.

Well, unless you are really frustrated. Try these 2 games. It will release a great amount of stress if you just don't want to bother with games like DOOM III or Quake IV.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Farewell dinner and petai

We just had short farewell dinner for one of our colleagues on tuesday. She's quiting to continue her studies. The dinner was great. Food was fine nevertheless , generally better than the previous farewell dinner we had before. Our dear colleague just cried so much when we sang a song for her before she slices her farewell dinner cake. Awwww, we wish her well in everything she does.

Now, about the petai. One of food served was fried spicy petai. It's a bad idea to take a lot of petai.
NO. I shouldn't have done that. But, I did. Everything went well on wednesday morning.BUT, problem starts after lunch. Crap. I kept farting and farting. The smell, well, let's just it's not very pleasant. Finally, my colleague also knew where the smell came from. Woops. But, he being understanding (Thanks for that) just didn't go around telling the whole office about this whole shebang.


so, note to self. DON'T TAKE SO MUCH PETAI!!.. NO NO NO!!!

Nevertheless, we had a great time karaoke singing. They even dragged me on stage with another colleague to sing a song.