Friday, January 22, 2010

Today is my birthday

My birthday is today. Feels good to be on leave on your birthday . ha ha ha. happy birthday to myself.
Thank you for all well wishes.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is it their fault? or is it mine?

Whenever you walk to a restaurant / kopitiam / coffeeshop, you have a certain expectation from it. If you're on the move, of course you'll probably take in whatever shit (eg. crap food, crap service and etc.) they throw at you.

But, if you're not, then this is what I'm going to talk about. When you enter a restaurant / kopitiam / coffeeshop, you expect it to be different than what you experienced at home. Be it food, service (what kind of service at home?.. haha), environment and etc.

For myself, I think the most important thing of a restaurant, or any eateries, is the FOOD. If the FOOD is good, then service SHOULD be good as well. If the FOOD is just nice , then at least the service should be better.Usually, most eateries does have wide variety of food to order from. Some of these items might be listed as their specialty as well. So, maybe you've wanted to be the adventurous and decided to ordered something else different from the others. Let's say you ordered something that is not specialty and the food sucks. So, whose fault is that anyway? Is it theirs or yours?

It's their fault because the item was on the menu. If the item was listed, it is their duty to produce something that is delicious. If it sucks, why bother putting on the menu?

It's your fault instead because you wanted to be different. You wanted to see what else they are capable of.You thought since their specialty is good, probably other items listed in their menu should be just as good as well.But, no. It wasn't and you paid for the price for not trying out their specialty.

So, when someone introduced you to an eatery, do you order what you like (not necessary their specialty)? or what is their specialty?

Interesting topic to discuss about.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

欢喜地 (The Mines)

as promised. ( a long time ago), here are some photos of 欢喜地 in THE MINES (Shopping Fair).

The food is good. I liked the Udon noodles, there are a wide variety to choose from. I hope the next time I go, I'll try something different again.

Stir-fried udon noodle with prawn (黑椒虾仁乌冬面)(at that time, July 2009, costs RM 8.30). Tastes good. Recommended, full of black pepper spiciness.

Smoked ham and cheese focaccia ( 芝士熏烤焗香饼)(at that time, July 2009, costs RM 5.50)

Egg in boiling milk (鲜奶滚蛋) (at that time, July 2009, costs RM 3.00). Only had a slight taste of the yolk, heavier on the milk side. more like drinking milk, but very interesting drink.

This is what "Egg in boiling milk" supposed to look like.
Corn, sago and herbal jelly dessert (双米奶油龟苓高羹), too sweet for my taste.

Hmmm..  I don't see the sago seeds from the dessert, as seen from the menu.  haha.

Friday, January 15, 2010

听说 , 你真好..看



不过,我今天要谈的是《听说 》。听说?听说什么?听说其实就是这个电影的名字。听说讲述一对姐妹,妹妹辛苦工作为了让姐姐有机会参加奥运会。而姐姐却是耳聋,妹妹就因此放不下姐姐,学手语和姐姐沟通以及一个穿插两姐妹的男生的故事。

 电影里都帅哥美女。但都不重要,它的宗旨就是,即使是身体要有缺陷的人,也有自己的梦想。他们也像普通人想尽办法去实践他们的梦想。他们也想独立创造他们自己的未来。他们也不希望身边的人为他们而牺牲了自己的梦想 。

最后,彭于晏,  陳意涵,陳妍希 他们三位的演技都不错。当然,饰演男主角的父母亲的两个演员也蛮有默契。真的很温馨,也会令人掉泪的电影。

听说= 一定要看!!!!!!!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

F1 2009.....Malaysia , Sepang

I know it's a bit late. but yea. last year was the first time I went F1. It was a great experience.
But, I've also learned a lot of things on the way.

1) F1 is a cut-throat event, everything is SO BLOODY EXPENSIVE.
even a sandwich costs RM5! What The HECK?! . Even ear plugs costs like RM30?! a BMW backpack costs RM300. yea man. gimme a break. We paid for shit-crap-muddy-oil-palm car park. The organiser should've done a better job since this is a world-class event. PTUI!! sucks I rather parked further away but drier place (eg. by the side of the road).

2) Always get there very very early. I didn't realise F1 was such a big event and so many people went. We casually went around the time it was going to start. It probably stuck in the jam for around 1 hour after the KLIA exit and that brings to be the 3rd item. then it rained too! so I probably just watched for like 20 minutes or so then waited for the rain to stop.

3) Try as much as you can, clear your bladder on your journey to F1 circuit. I was trying to hold my bladder as much as I while , hoping that I can finish my business among the oil palm trees but the thought people seeing me doing that makes me think twice about it.

4) Don't ever pick up / send someone to LCCT on the day of the event. (well, I'm not doing that, but that serves as a lesson for other people). Seriously, we were stuck literaly for ages on the road. I was wondering could we even make it before the race ends. (lol)

5) bring a binoculars. SERIOUSLY, bring one unless you have grandstand tickets (yea, keep laughing, you spoiled kids, whatever.) The screens in Sepang Circuit were so small when compared those of in Jalan Bukit Bintang.

here some photos to do the talking.

                                        That's me and my dearest. Despite the grin of my face, I'm actually trying to hold
my "water tank" so that it won't bursts.

My friend , W rushing to toilet after we got down from the car.
 The crowd in Hillstand (erm I can't remember which).

                                                    Taking photos while everyone is gone.
                              (after the race was cancelled due to heavy rain. wasted by tickets, damn it)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

where should I start..

It's a bit late now, but happy new year. This year I spent my new year of all the places, in a car. I was actually on my way to Pahang when the clock struck 12 o'clock.

I find celebrating new year in a car quite lame. but , what the hell. there's always a first time for everything.

About the title, I realised that I've saved up a lot of photo and yet posts them up. I think it's about time I do something about them .


the equation between headlights and raining

I was driving to work last friday morning when it was drizzling. Even though it was drizzling, I turn on my headlights, because I want to people to see when they're trying to overtake or at least keep some distance away from me. But, what I noticed is that probably 4-5 out of 15 cars / lorries (cars and lorries / trucks combined) I see on the road, turn on their headlights. However, probably 8 out of 10 motorcyclists, turn on their headlights.

Does it mean the motorcyclists value their life more than the drivers? or the drivers think they're driving a tank to work? SERIOUSLY. TURN ON YOUR LIGHTS when it's raining. I don't mean the tiny weeny lights , just turn them ON FULLY. You won't just save someone's life (from he/she knocking into you) and but also yours (the result of knocking into you).

It's your life out there on the road, and someone's else.Life is short, value your life. TURN ON YOUR DAMN HEADLIGHTS when it's RAINING. It'll save you and other motorists / road users.

Monday, January 04, 2010


It's quite rare for me to talk about work. Being in IT support job, well I'm not exactly a helpdesk staff (I'm actually a web programmer), it's not that you'll always being pro in your area. Sometimes you have to be in the know about your colleague's job area. It's not really a must but it's good to know. Because it's that he or she is not there to solve his or hers end users' problem all the time. Sometimes he or she may take a leave. so,it's good to learn up not because to cover their back side, it's also good for your own knowledge.

But, what if?. that someone you work with don't share his or her knowledge with you. He'd rather kept it to himself (probably till the day he dies?). So when he's on leave, what do you do? you can email him (too slow, maybe he doesn't check mail when he's on leave), text him(slow because he doesn't check this messages all so often), call him(the best solution, if he/she picks up, you'll get an answer immediately). Naturally, calling is the best choice. But , he doesn't picks up. So you'd call again. then again. then again . probably every f**king single hour. but still he doesn't picks up. So you'd wondering if your colleague is dead. But, no. HEY PRESTO! he comes to work as usual the next day.

The same thing happened to me more than once,so what do you do with this of colleague?
1) Inform the boss about the colleague's behaviour
2) Ignore him and try to work around him as much possible
3) Make a big racket and get him fired
4) Any other suggestions?