Saturday, April 26, 2008

damn kan chong.

I finally reached my last day in my current company . WOOO HOoo!!!!! I was having a hard time because the management was playing mind torturing me a lot of mind games when closing in my last few days. It was really very torturing experience. I felt like I wanted to skip work everyday.

Fortunately, things turn out well in the end (phew). Now I got around 1 week's time to rest and recharge myself before reporting in on 5th of May in the new company.

well, what I'm kan chong about is the new company. Actually not, hahah. It's more about driving back from Penang. I'm sending my dearest back to Penang. She'll keep me company on the way to Penang, but from Penang, I have no one else myself. Since it's the first time I'm driving alone back from Penang, I'm kinda nervous about it.

Hope everything goes well for me. *cross fingers* *PRAYS hard*