Friday, December 30, 2011

should I buy a branded or non branded product?

what is a branded product? and what is a non-branded product?

Why do we buy branded products?

When I was small, I was taught that buying branded should be frown upon. Because essentially buying something that overpriced but little value.

But as I grew older, it's entirely a different case. Every brand has a vision.Some chose to be only luxury products. Some chose to be available for all price range.

The reason these companies priced their products are also what drives the brand the company. If everyone owned a Ferrari, the car would probably lose it's exclusive touch. If Ferrari made their cars in mass amounts such as of the Proton, it probably won't be attractive as it is now.

But, on the other hand, certain brands do carry models for different price range. For example, Logitech.
Logitech is computer peripheral company. They sells speakers, mouse, keyboard, steering wheels, and etc.
Some of these models prices start from RM30 and above.

The reason we buy a certain brand, because we know and we trust this brand will give us the quality that we want. For example, I paid RM30 for a pair of speakers which will work for as much as I paid it, that it won't break down easily but just sufficient to fulfil my audio enjoyment.

My point is, the view was I taught when I was young is totally invalid.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

of Relationships

Oh Me Goodness , it's been a month that I haven't been blogging.

Today, my superior treated all our team members lunch. I being the greedy, took a little too much. Well, let's just it's not a good experience. I'll make sure I'll take just the right amount next time.


On another note, 

Just roughly 48 hours till the end of 2011, for some of my friends, it's probably a new beginning to look forward to. A few of my gal friends have broken up, some had a long distance relationship , some only lasted for a few months, sone had it for long time.Regardless of what type or period of the relationship, nevertheless, the break up still hurt their feelings and they will need to recover from this pain.

During college, we had this couple who were together before college till the end of college.Unfortunately, it couldn't last long after college. They broke up from a few years after college. Sometimes what seemed so right from outside, doesn't really reflect they are right for each other in the inside.

People change. Coupleship during studies is different from coupleship during work. The needs and wants of a couple during studies is different from a couple who are in their working age.

I find that coupleship during your working age is the most mature relationship that you can have. But the lack of experience of coupleship of earlier age (during studies) does prove to be an disadvantage.

But, that's just my opinion. Being in relationship is always a learning process.

It's really easy to start a relationhip , and it's also easy to end one. How we keep it going , it's entirely up to both of you / us.

In the meantime, for those gal friends who have broken up, here's a song from Michael Bublé  for you to cheer you all up.

If you have any comments / stories to share, please post them below.

Thank you.