Friday, January 28, 2011

KL cafe / kopitiams to FORCED to install Wi-Fi?

According to KL mayor , installing Wi-Fi at kopitiams will be boost investments and economic activities and all that. He claims that all these chain operators have Wi-fi installed and it is cheap. Hence, every of these kopitiam and cafeteria should have them. Those who refuse to do so, will have their licenses revoke? (Smart eh?, KL mayor idea is the best? you no follow, you no do business.)

hello, .mr. Mayor.... can you be more... *ahem*... down to the earth??? *points at ground*, stop flapping your wings in the sky...



Costs (MYR)

Streamyx 1.0Mbps package


RM148 (with modem) / month

12 months (minimum subscription)


Workers' Salary

RM1800 / pax

5 pax


Electricity bill



Water bill






Raw Materials

Coffee powder, Milo powder, Tea, cooking oil, rice,
Meat, vegetables,etc.


Monthly income

Let's say per meal is charged (RM10)

probably 80 pax customers / day

opens 6 days per week

that'll be 24 days per month


Profit (before streamyx)

RM19200 - RM10800- RM150- RM150 RM4000 - RM600 = RM3500

Profit (after streamyx)

RM19200 - RM10800- RM150- RM150 RM4000 - RM600 - 1776 = RM1724

I might've slightly exaggerated a bit. RM1776 isn't exactly cheap either. It's like RM200++ shy of RM2000. If you're franchise operator, which one drink costs average RM10, a meal might costs RM30 (drinks+meal) altogether, yes , it's feasible to do so.

Please Mr. Mayor , if you're seriously provided Wireless access to KL visitors or businessmen, DO-IT-YOURSELF. Tender these projects openly, make these wireless Internet accessible from people who frequent these kopitiams. After all, you collect taxes from them right? Why not use the tax money to do maintain these Wireless Access Points? or you might has *other* uses for these tax money?