Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rollercoaster ride....

It's been quite a week for me. Even though it's only thursday night. But, I felt like my whole week is almost finished. However, I learn t something about myself. I realized I seemed to be (most of the time) an emotionally detached person. That's why sometimes I can say things that hurt people's feelings yet I don't feel a thing. At the same time, I also learn that love is not as complicated as it seems. Someone made me realized that if both of you like each other, you will cherish and embrace each other's strength and also weaknesses no matter what. Thank you to that someone. I really really love you. :)

Today it was great fun too because we had steamboat dinner. I've been wanting to eat steamboat for quite some time now. Finally, my wish is fulfilled. Spending time with the company of colleagues was quite a good experience.Having dinner with the company of colleagues is great joy to me. Thank you everyone. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Meet up with a blogger.

Last friday I took a day off to meet up with a blogger, yes , it's a she. :P

Just at the same time, it was great to meet up with my friend who came back from Singapore, which I get to spend a day or two with him.

Who is the blogger?... stay tune...... coming to a blog near you.....

Thursday, August 02, 2007

fate / 缘分

缘份是一种很奇怪的东西。要是时机不对,它是不会出现的。虽然你和你将来认识的人可能已经在你身边围绕了很久,但是你们俩就是没有发觉到对方。这就是说你们都没有缘份。有时,却是有缘没份。比如说,遇上一个心仪的女生,可是她却有了男友。读者们,都有类似的经验吧? 不管怎么样都好,在同样的场合上课/上班,在公司或学院认识到对方,都是一种缘份。所以,我觉得应该珍惜你身边的人。

fate is a strange "thing". It will not happen randomly but on a precise time. It will happen at the right time. Even though the person you might meet in the future could've been around you for some time already, but you two just didn't notice each other.That's fate. Sometimes, it is fate that we meet a certain person at certain time. We can't really question fate. For example, I might find a girl that I think she's interesting but she's attached. That is fate. I think some of readers have the same experience before ? It is fate that brought all of us together. Be it studying / working under one roof, knowing each other through studying, working is considered fate. So, appreciate the people around you.


Update: the yellow colored text was the suggested translation from Cely, which I think sounds better. Thank you!!!!