Monday, July 31, 2006

Uselss S-O-Bs n Bs!!

Well, it's the end of the month. Well, 1 more day actually. My friend , RT , has just been admitted to hospital due dengue. Man. sad sad case.Hopefully, he'll get well soon. He told me he'll be in the hospital probably from 1 up to 3 days. Either way , I hope he gets well soon..

Recently, I've been getting quite EMO. hahah.. guys also can be like that. Anyway, I don't know what happened to my so called "friends". Either they disappeared into thin-air or some shit just happened to them and they don't want to discuss it. I mean like what the hell is wrong with this people?!

Ya lah... you're busy. I also busy what. At least email me/sms/call me and tell me how you doing. I care about you also. It's not like you're only bloody person in this world. C'mon lah. I'm somewhat glad that RT told me about how he was. I'm just a little annoyed with some of my friends. If they still are.

Maybe I should get used to doing things alone. Like I used to.

Monday, July 24, 2006

A wedding dinner

I just attended a wedding on saturday night. It was my neighbour's wedding. I was actually quite reluctant to attend in the first place. But, in the end, I chose to attend anyway because I wasn't going to let my mother attending the dinner. After all, my mom paid for the wedding ang pow(LOLz. yeah what a good excuse).

Anyway, there I was in the wedding. walking around with my mom trying to look for anyone that we know. We actually met someone we knew, Mr. S, who is a music school principal, whose music school is where my sister attends her class. So, we followed sheepishly behind him and his wife and then someone waved them over and their table was full.
DANG! i thought what the hell are we supposed to do now?!

Then, out of nowhere. An old couple waved at us. That old couple turn out be the grandparents of one of my mom's kindy's students. Phew! I thought and we sat down.

Everything was going well. There was a some great performance from 2 beautiful dancers. One of them has a big beautiful eyes and long hair, while another has short hair. Both of them are quite tall, erm. but I don't the measurements. Anyway, I kinda liked the long hair one. Nope, I didn't get a chance to talk either one of the. I'm a shy guy. haha.

The food was great too. It was strange tho that the wedding dinner was prepared by restaurant that is not based in my town but from Sekincan, which is a town about 1 hour and half drive from my place. There was the usual 5 seasons dish, chicken soup, pork, fish , ice cream and glutinous rice. Forgive me for not being able reveal their "beautiful" names because I wasn't anywhere near the menu anyway.

The dinner finished around 10pm+. Everyone just left the place in a jiffy when the last dish was served. If this were to be in KL, i think people are still having their dinner.

Anyway, it was good event. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Watching tv

I have been watching a lot of tv lately and surfing less Internet because it's already close to 12 when I'm done.
Then I wonder, why is it the watching tv is such an addictive event? Why is it taking so big chunk of time that I
didn't really realised I had wasted so much of my time.

I finally found on friday night that it was THOSE FRIGGIN advertisements were the reason why. Nowadays it seems that
even night shows aren't as enjoyable as it used to be. Even though you can channel surf, but all the channels got is
ADs, ADs, ADs and MORE ADVERTISEMENT. SO you have to have to wait for stupid ADs to end, then only back to the show.

THIS SUCKS. This is just plain annoying. So from now on, watch less tv and surf for net.

hahah... hope it works.

Friday, July 07, 2006

"Instant" Sore throat and Mahjong Playing

Let's start with exploding medicine, today I just had an "instant" sore throat experience.
Just a few days ago, I went to see doctor for the following sickness (in not particular order):
a) Sore throat
b) Coughing
c) Body ache
d) Fever
So, the doctor gave 4 types of pills, 1 medical (beverage?).This morning, while finished drinking
coffee and swalloed my pills. I went toilet for the "large" one". While I was about done, I felt like
burping, out of nowhere, I felt a small explosion or tinge of pain in my throat. I think turns out
that the pills that I swallowed, somehow backdrift up to my throat. Man, the experience was painful. I felt like going to throwing up, yet at the same time I have to complete my "large one" . So , there I was scrambling for toilet paper and trying not to puke at the same time. Maybe I shouldn't mix coffee with pills.
Anyhow, I went to work as usual and talk to co-workers about this experience. It turns out others also faced the same problem before. One of them just advised me to drink lots of water and forget about sharp pain in your throat. Well, that advice worked. Thank God for that because I don't like to see doctors unless it's really necessary.

About Mahjong playing,
As I was watching "Madu Tiga" on tv9 (06/07/2006) 10pm, I observed something peculiar.
The main character's (Jamil,act by the late Tun P. Ramlee) wife,(Latifah, dunno who's the actress) is playing mahjong in the movie. In fact,Jamil scold his wife silly because she only knows nothing but playing mahjong.
So, what's so peculiar? If Malays in the late Tun P. Ramlee's years had already
playing mahjong with chinese ladies, how come we don't see that nowadays? It seems that Malaysia has better racial tolerance in those days. All this are my assumptions though because the movie did not show anything concrete to prove they know how to play anymore. It's pretty pointless to show that either because it's only a tiny portion of the movie. It's just telling the audience, Malays playing mahjong is not such a big thing at all.

Why so much has changed compared to Tun P. Ramlee's years? It's not logical. So, when Malay can play mahjong with Chinese so peacefully last time,why is it not possible now?
Have the Malaysian government / politicians and etc. poisoned the
Malaysians' minds to keep everything to themselves?

Can someone explain to me why is this happening?

Is this some sort of injustice? Maybe , maybe not. Maybe I'm just thinking too much.