Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

To all who are celebrating Chinese New Year,

Happy Chinese New Year and have a healthy new year ahead. No matter how much wealth you have, it's no use when you don't have the health to enjoy them.

So, spend a great time with your family and close friends but don't forget about your health.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Putrajaya Night Marathon. badly organised...

So, I was on my way to Putrajaya to show my China friend around Putrajaya. So I took the turn to Putrajaya (the one which you see Lim Kok Wing University College) and head to Bulatan Putrajaya.While on the way heading over there, I noticed there were cones at the left lane, but it doesn't  seem like the left lane is closed . Those cones were not really far apart, but some might not be visible due to the there roads going high and way (for a lack of a better word).there were no reflective signs, no signs with BIG FONTS. (only signs with white background and fonts you probably need get so near that you'll knock the sign down when you get close enought to read it) All along this stretch of road, I hardly see anyone guiding the motorists to stay away from the left lane (only until the turn into heading to BIG roundabout of Putrajaya Shangri-la roundabout.there were 2 guys waving flags.)Then I noticed there were people "jogging" by the side of the road, then only I realised today was the Putrajaya Night Marathon (I read about it but almost forgot).
Thank goodness I didn't run over anyone ( to find out about this,phew.. touch wood).

To their credit, the work done near Alamanda Putrajaya was much better. The cones seems to be closer between each other, but still there was no (red and white stripes) ribbons between the cones, making the motorists wondering what were the cones for. Someone probably knocked these cones because they didn't noticed it (I saw one or two by the side of the road).

But still, I still think the Putrajaya Night Marathon organizers would've done a better job. There were also no reflective clothing for the marathon participants.  Some were wearing blinking lights (doubt were from organizers, since only a number of them wearing it).Proper signage (BIG FONTS on reflective surface), cones which are more visible or ribbons tied between each other, should be placed to prevent motorists to cut into the marathon lane. (Were there budget cut right before the event? one can only tell).

Since the Bulatan Putrajaya is off limits to vehicle, I took my friend to Plaza Mercu Tanda. Then I saw this!!!
Click the photo for the clearer look. The branches of the tree were chopped down and left there. What an eyesore, not just to the locals but to the tourists as well. The Putrajaya park management should've done something about this. This just totally drop Putrajaya Garden City's image by a notch. I think they forgot to add a "Clean" between Putrajaya and Garden.Putrajaya Clean Garden City.

Malaysia, I think you still have a long way to go.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

LEGION .. it sucks ....ooooo..

I watched this movie on my birthday and seriously it sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks x infinity. The story talks about Angels start to possess humans when God no longer has hope on humanity. But one Angel decide to disobey God in this case, which sort of makes the premise of the story. A pregnant woman's child will become savior of humankind. How this woman became pregnant with this child was never explained, why this child was the savior was never explained.  But, on the other hand, if you like explosions (even just a brief moment), there was lots of explosion in the middle of the movie, LEGION should be for you. But SERIOUSLY, if someone told you this is a movie that is NOT to be missed this year. 
SAVE IT!!!!!!!! SAVE YOURSELVES from this DISASTROUS MOVIE and SLAP THAT BASTARD SILLY! You should spend your HARD EARNED money on some other movie / something else. 

To top it off, LEGION suffers from bad editing. Sometimes you don't even where the story starts and it just abruptly ends.It's like.. oh yea.. "we have budget for this , that, this , that. ooops.. we ran out of budget, let's end it now"-kind of crap.There was a certain scene where 2 MALE angels were talking to each other and fighting, for a while you thought you were watching 2 GAYS trying to attract each others' attention. yes. LEGION is that bad.

As a final reminder, NEVER EVER WATCH IN CINEMAS, you will scream profanities ,wondered why did you bothered in first place and wasted your 100 minutes of your life to watch this crap. Even mowing the lawn is more interesting than watching LEGION. YES, it is that crappy. 

SO. DON'T WATCH LEGION in the MOVIES! NEVER DO THAT IN THE CINEMA!!!!!!!!!!! How many times did I mentioned it was bad again?  don't say I didn't warn you.