Sunday, September 10, 2006

Low Yat Plaza #2

This would the second time in the same month, but different weekend that I been to the same place. Fortunately , with a different group of people.

This time, we're accompanying a colleague, Mr. Cefiro (that because he drives on) , to buy a new pc and slash prices.(with my colleague, Mr. Teriyaki (nope, that's not his real name) trying his hand on negotiating for the best price.Unfortunately, Mr. Cefiro had other plans for his hard earned cash. Thus, he ended spending more money on his new computer.

After spending too much on looking for a good casing, we were quite lucky that the shop that we're going buy the other components (motherboard, cpu, ram,and etc.) is not close yet. Mind you by the time we're done with casing, it's around 8pm (I guess). The shop , IT Hypermarket, which we bought LCD monitor was actually closing down when we're leaving.

Anyway, since it's dinner time. Mr. Cefiro took us to Setapak, for dinner. Nasi Lemak was quite okay.

I'll post up my photos when I have a better line.
Uploading photos with a GPRS connection is just way pathetic.(it always fails)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Low Yat Plaza (Shokudǒ Restaurant)

Shodoku Menu

Some snack plate that we shared.

What I ordered, Salmon Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi , The real thing.

A Lamp in a Lantern case in Shokudǒ Restaurant

Went to Low Yat to accompany friend to purchase a PC for his younger brother, and also went PC shopping with another friend. We stopped by this
restaurant Shokudǒ. Japanese food just average, nothing special . The Salmon sushi seems a bit sloppy?.. can't feel the "freshness" when you chew it. not like the Sunway Sushi King. Overall, I think the food is just okay. Nothing to shout about.
Maybe we'll try the Thai food next time since Shokudǒ is Japan & Thai Fucsion restaurant.