Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Split the bill or don't split the bill?

I've been notified by my friends about rumours of my "calculative" and stingy ways. One of good examples that I've been stingy is splitting the bill. Basically, I have no memories what kind of wrong I did to that person. But, as far as I know, probably that person's boyfriend or idiotic friends
has a lot to say about it, that the rumour about me being stingy and all that still sticks around, until now.

What do think about being stingy or cheapskate is going out on a date , trying to manipulate your partner telling him/ her to order the cheapest meal . THAT is cheapskate. I don't see what is wrong with splitting the bill.

Let's say you and gal/ guy went out for a first date. Your partner has no obligation to pay for whole bill. Why not split the bill?.. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH SPLITTING THE BILL?!
YOU THINK YOUR PARTNER IS MADE OUT GOLD ?!... being in a relationship is not about sucking blood from your partner, if it is, then that person should be shot, drown, steamrolled over and chopped into pieces properly counseled.

The reason behind splitting the bill is because both of are working adults. If you don't start with this habit of splitting the bill, then money is definitely going to make a very good argument in your relationship. (I know they are a lot of people who disagree with me on that, but I welcome your flaming comments). It's a courtesy as well.

Hey man, no offense to those who are willing to pay for their partner. Probably they have good reasons to do that, but I'm not going to argue on that today. So, be proud that you're splitting your bill with partner / date / whomever you're going out with for the first few times. Maybe in future dates, it's okay that you pay for your partner once in a while.

That's my 2 cents worth. Now.... I'm waiting for comments.

haha... seems like I found out why I couldn't get 2nd dates because I didn't show the courtesy to foot the bill. haha.. okies. My colleagues and trainees also pointed some intresting stuff, the intention to foot the bill shows that a person is a gentleman. In the case of a date, the guy who asked the gal out should foot the bill. If the gal is considerate person, eventually she'll split the bill with the guy as well. Well, good lesson learnt everyday.

Thursday, June 21, 2007



为什么呢?因为今天要抽血检验。 可是,竟然除了“小”差错。

那抽血的职员,竟然迟到!!! 真是混蛋一个。







Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Heroes Nakamura ,Hiro

Which ''Heroes'' TV Character are YOU? [pics]

Hiro Nakamura
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Incidentally, Jazarel was talking about Heroes as well. Click here to check out what he has to say about Heroes.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Some video of people's mundane lives.

After checking around sweatLee's blog, I then stumbled into took a look at Aud's blog after that Jiameei's.

Then I found this from Jiameei's blog

and this from someone's (by the name of Euhock) youtube

which reminds me of Charise

and this

and this

Makes me wonder. what kind of funny stuff will people posts in youtube


Our gifts in a box.

The gifts.

He joined our company in 16/08/2005.

you know what? fuck it. I don't know what to blog in my blog. So, I'll just type randomly in
my notepad and hoping something will hit me on the head.

You know it's really weird to come to work with thin air sitting beside you when (almost) every
morning, someone will be sitting beside you talking cock with you , sharing stories with you.
When it's gone, it just doesn't feel very normal anymore. Well, everyone is akin as a storybook.
Every story needs to have an ending. This person's story have probably ended with this company.
But, his story with another company have just started.

Anyways, I'm still trying to get used the fact there's no replacement for his position, there's nothing but an empty desk beside me. But, at least the phones are quiet now. Everyday, most of the calls on the extension phone are looking for him. It can be annoying when I want to concentrate on my programming and the calls keep coming in.

so , what's Bayunn?..that's my colleague's online nick. Good luck to him as well a better future in his future company. :)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

6th of June 2007

6th of June is not just a significant for Boss Stewie. It is also a significant day for me as well as my company. Because it is my 5th year in my company!!! woo hoo!!.. It is also very significant because this is the first day my company declared holiday for all the STAFFS!!!!!

Actually, for administrative staff, since I'm the IT dept staff, I'm considered administrative staff so holiday for me. The whole thing was actually due to a power plant shutdown in my company. Thus, since there's no power / electricity for the admin building. There's no point going to work also.

and today I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3!!! because the last few minutes I went toilet, came back , the credits rolling liao... Diiiiiiiiiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuwwww.... Not a bad movie ,
in fact there's some real humor in it. Spiderman 3?.. I don't remember there's any oso.

Spiderman 3 was just sad sad sad. :(

After movie, bought some gifts for the colleague who is resigning then came back home. rest for a while then went out again for farewell dinner for the same colleague. I tell you ar, so many people left liao. I wonder when is my turn.??... will post photos soon.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Celine yap in newspaper!!!

Celine Yap was spotted in Nanyang newspaper last friday(01/06/2007). I spotted it!! woo hoo...
here's a scanned image of the newspaper clipping.
The story behind:
I sms-ed her ,then she replied asking what was the article about. Since it was too troublesome to sms her and explain everything, I called her instead. Unfortunately, I was met by the groggy voice of Celine.
Celine : "hello...fggdrrhhdd.... dfrlkdkdff"
me : "erm... you sleeping ar?"
Celine : "ggrhh...ddrrgghhh...."
me : "ok I'll call you back later."

the whole conversation almost like that I guessed. sigh... it was 9am... if only I was a student, I would've slept until 10am or even later.. :)

Celine posted an entry about the article and thanking me. You're welcome. Celine.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Marketing yourself (babbling)

I don't know how to start. But here goes. Ever since we realised we're alive as person, we are starting to do marketing , like it or not. even we don't realise.

What am I talking about ? Think about it in this way.What is marketing about? promoting your services / products. So, what are we promoting when we establish a relationship or

friendship? a sense of trust from others upon us.

When a relationsip works, a guy/gal was taken by the promotion (first impression) of the other half.So the relationsip goes on and on, once the terms(the gal accepts the proposal

from the guy / other conditions) are reached, there will be a merger,almost like in business. (in this case, marriage).

However, it's not always the case, sometimes the guy/gal may not approve the terms or conditions provided by their other half.Example, maybe the guy is a womaniser or the gal

being a excessive spender, etc. Thus, the groundwork provided by the initial marketing strategy didn't work out as planned. So, they broke off. Like a merger disbanded like 光良,品冠 (a Malaysia male singer duo) i'm just taking their working relationship was an example, but not suggesting something else.It may seemed like a bad event to happen. However, this may bring more good than harm.

Think of it this way, when the relationship breaks. Both the guy and gal can reassess their strategies / priorities and market themselves differently.

Enough of babbling, I also don’t know what I’m talking about. :P , I think I’ll talk about computers on relationship.

In my opinion, some people who wanted to get hitch just don’t know how to market themselves, that’s why they still single. But, do correct me if I’m wrong. I welcome your comments.