Sunday, June 10, 2007


Our gifts in a box.

The gifts.

He joined our company in 16/08/2005.

you know what? fuck it. I don't know what to blog in my blog. So, I'll just type randomly in
my notepad and hoping something will hit me on the head.

You know it's really weird to come to work with thin air sitting beside you when (almost) every
morning, someone will be sitting beside you talking cock with you , sharing stories with you.
When it's gone, it just doesn't feel very normal anymore. Well, everyone is akin as a storybook.
Every story needs to have an ending. This person's story have probably ended with this company.
But, his story with another company have just started.

Anyways, I'm still trying to get used the fact there's no replacement for his position, there's nothing but an empty desk beside me. But, at least the phones are quiet now. Everyday, most of the calls on the extension phone are looking for him. It can be annoying when I want to concentrate on my programming and the calls keep coming in.

so , what's Bayunn?..that's my colleague's online nick. Good luck to him as well a better future in his future company. :)

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