Monday, July 30, 2007

it's almost end of the month.

it's almost end of the month. I've been busy with work, with my life *wink* and everything else.
Everyday I came back tired, I almost have no time for my personal indulgence- video games because watching tv has taken up so much of my time.


I used to be able complete 2 or games in a month. Now I'm still struggling in my Tomb Raider Anniversary game.Then, there is Transformers The Game.

well. I think all this needs a better management of time.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

My lovely k810i

Yeah. baby.. I'm back blogging again. The long absence from blogging was because of laziness, as usual.

Anyways, I was looking through Sony Ericsson's website, came across S500i
K810i, and K550i.

After checking through the specifications of each phone, I finally found 2 worthy successor for K810i, and K550i.(since I can't make up my mind, why not I buy both?!!, then I realized I'm not rich son of Donald Trump. :P)

In the end, I made the choice to purchase the K810i which costs me RM1.2k that comes a with measly 64MB M2 memory stick.
(Why not K550i leh? just like buying w800i 2MP camera phone, n using M2 memory stick, not much improvement lah)
(Why not s500i leh? buy one 2MP camera phone but no auto-focus. for what leh???! so no need to consider liao)
I added RM150 for 1GB M2 memory stick. and 3% of RM150 because I only have just enough cash for the K810i phone. (!@#!@@#$@ !~!@$).
My 3 phones.. SE w800i, SE K810i, SE K310i
My old phone SE w800i, sold for RM350. Still waiting for buyer to
pay me.:P (Can see my K810i ??)
My new phone k810i.

Still learning how to use the phone. I just got it on friday night (6/7/2007). Will tell you more about phone when I can.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Singularity .. multiplicity

When I was younger, (secondary school or primary school lah), I used to think that being single is bad.. ermm.. no offence. I was young wat......

Eventually, when I grew up I find myself getting more and more depressed when I can't find a partner for myself.

So, I think I do understand why certain people prefer to stay single, some are by choice, some have no choice. But, being single is not a bad thing. Though having a companion sometimes can be good.

For those who are single, enjoy your singlehood. For those who are not, enjoy yourself with your other half. Anyways, appreciate your family members before its too late.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

100th post!!!

woo hoo!!! I just reached my 100th post!!!. granted, it's a bit slow since I started blogging since 2005. But, any achievement is better than no achievement at all.
Saturday has been rushing here-and-there day. I was called into office again on Friday night.Some problem with PCs running with the production line. I went in around 10pm and left around midnight. Despite of the late hours, I took sometime to drive around the office / plant compound. Checking out the place at night, which feels really good, 'coz there's no traffic at all. Just security guard on duty.

Saturday morning, woke up close to 10am. Went to car insurance company to renew my Kembara's road tax and license with my mom. Rush to Petaling Jaya. Slept for a while , and had lunch in the hospital.... hahah. of all the places, I had lunch in hospital.

I ordered Nasi Goreng Kampung. RM4.00. Not bad at all. Though it could've been , if it was a bit salty. Then again, hospital are places for people get healthy, so no salt?. But, the spiciness is definitely there.