Thursday, March 22, 2007

A visit to satellite center

A fortnight ago(17/03/2007), a buddy of mine who works in Satellite broadband company, took me for visit around his company facility. This facility is located in Bukit Jalil technology park. The footprint of this facility is really big either.

I've updated the photos on my tech blog. Meanwhile here are some photos of me taken with my mom, my buddy and also my colleague.

Here's a photo of my buddy who works in Smart Malaysia.
His name is Teow Yew Aun, Teleport Business Manager for Smart Broadband Satellite Sdn. Bhd.

Here's another photo with my colleague, myself and my mom.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


This morning, while I was toasting bread, something strange happened. Suddenly , an elephant ran into my house. There were fire sparks inside the toaster while lowered the bread into toasting position. Then, it tripped the whole house's power circuit. So , I reset the power breaker switch and tried again. Yeah I know, it's just my programmer's habit (if doesn't work, try again). Again, there were sparks coming out .

Hmmmmm.. this doesn't seem to be right. Have you ever seen a toaster that spits out sparks when toasting a bread?. (This is definitely a first for me). Since I was rushing for work, I just warmed the bread with microwave oven instead and leave the poor toaster alone

Once I got home from work, I took the toaster and try again. (yea.. I'm very curious fella). Seeing that there's fire sparks again, I quickly press the eject button. Then I shone the torchlight into it.

Tadaa.... Here's what I found.
A dead lizard stuck in the toaster.
Nope it's not a pretty sight. Its eyes remind me of Ghost Rider's (insert appropriate name) stare.
Here's another photo for the poor lizard after taken out of the toaster.Lizard, R.I.P.

Lesson of the day:
The warmest place ain't the safest place.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The choice to make things better

When given a choice to do something better in the past, some of us would like to given a second chance.

I'm one of them.

If only there's such an opportunity to do so, sigh.

Second Chances.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


今天是我的同学,冯志豪生日。 其实,我是不记得他的生日。哈哈哈哈。
不过,我就是有点儿印象。我就打了个电话,问一问他的生日是不是今天。 咦??!!果然是今天。不然的话,真的是很糗。



Wednesday, March 14, 2007


我今天在放工后,回家的路上。听了张惠妹的一首歌,大概是《《勇敢》》吧。突然,很想哭。我也不知道为什么这样。 只是听了很伤心。有可能真的是一首伤心的歌。幸好没哭出来,不然我的男同事以为我神经病。





张惠妹 勇敢
黑暗中 寂静伸出的双手 冰冷的空气像火 害怕又收手
路太远 谁的眼神永远 盲目跟你一起走 怎样才会懂
记忆里 爱应该总是温柔 有了这一切 才能不怕黑夜
是我勇敢太久 决定为你一个人而活 不能说出口 那么折磨
勇敢了太久 城市充满着短暂的烟火 无处躲 照亮了沉默 明白是寂寞
谁说过 爱会让人不自由 所以你要我等候 换你的追求
有太多 快乐自私作借口 你让我最后 把心痛当拥有
是我勇敢太久 决定为你一个人而活 不能说出口 那么折磨
勇敢了太久 城市充满着短暂的烟火 无处躲 照亮了沉默 明白是寂寞
夜太黑 看不见 你在我身边 心伤悲 泪水失去防备
是我勇敢太久 决定为你一个人而活 不能说出口 那么折磨
勇敢了太久 城市充满着短暂的烟火 无处躲 照亮了沉默 爱原来寂寞

Monday, March 12, 2007

A casual date

Finally , I get to go on a date with a person that I wanted to date for a long time. (yah I know it's long winded). But, it's a blog right? So, I get to blog what I want as long it doesn't hurt people's feelings.

Anyways, it has been like 2 years ago that we had a decent conversation. Although we did meet recently, unfortunately it wasn't very suitable to chat. I had always been wanting to date her for some time, imagine the excitement when she said she has no transport. I thought "Wee...." , more time to talk (when she's in my car).

Before I sound like an overexcited kid, the date started like this. I picked up my car from office, drove from office to Petaling Jaya. Then, I drove to her office. Although it's the first time I've been there, it wasn't really hard to find either. In order NOT to get lost and asking her give the directions to get there. I took the time to find out the place with Google Maps . It was indeed helpful. I was supposed to pick her up at 7pm. But, I only late around 10 minutes. (ehh... u know PJ is famous of traffic jam wat...).

Of course , there was another problem. I don't remember how she look like. Fortunately, luck is on my side. It wasn't hard to spot her. So, off we go for 1Utama for dinner.

Initially, I was thinking of Sushi King 1Utama then I thought I don't know where is it. I'm not gonna stress myself looking for it. So, we decided to go for Italiannies 1utama. I've been there a couple of times and their service is good. Food's good too.

"A picture is a worth a thousand words" . Here's some picture of what we had on thursday night.
Complimentary bread from Italiannies. According to a fellow friend, it's called baguette.

Lime-ade which I ordered, my "date" ordered warm water.

The first dish that we had , Fried Calamari (sotong) for 2 and small bowl of sauce.
The generous amount of sauce they gave us when we asked for more sauce.
Finally, the Chicken Fettucine that we ordered.

Here comes the awkward part of the dinner. As funny as it sounds, we couldn't finish the food although we only ordered 2 dishes. The Fried Calamari was for two. The Chicken Fettucine doesn't seem like a lot during first impression. In the end, we decided to take away the leftovers. She took the leftovers home because I don't think it'll taste very good when I get back home. Since she had an appointment after the dinner , I sent her home.

That's a good start on dating. I hope I can do more dating in the future. ya man.. date more chicks gal.

Monday, March 05, 2007


Blogging is something that takes commitment. Since I don't blog so often, that shows I don't have commitment to my blog.


that's that. lazy .