Monday, March 12, 2007

A casual date

Finally , I get to go on a date with a person that I wanted to date for a long time. (yah I know it's long winded). But, it's a blog right? So, I get to blog what I want as long it doesn't hurt people's feelings.

Anyways, it has been like 2 years ago that we had a decent conversation. Although we did meet recently, unfortunately it wasn't very suitable to chat. I had always been wanting to date her for some time, imagine the excitement when she said she has no transport. I thought "Wee...." , more time to talk (when she's in my car).

Before I sound like an overexcited kid, the date started like this. I picked up my car from office, drove from office to Petaling Jaya. Then, I drove to her office. Although it's the first time I've been there, it wasn't really hard to find either. In order NOT to get lost and asking her give the directions to get there. I took the time to find out the place with Google Maps . It was indeed helpful. I was supposed to pick her up at 7pm. But, I only late around 10 minutes. (ehh... u know PJ is famous of traffic jam wat...).

Of course , there was another problem. I don't remember how she look like. Fortunately, luck is on my side. It wasn't hard to spot her. So, off we go for 1Utama for dinner.

Initially, I was thinking of Sushi King 1Utama then I thought I don't know where is it. I'm not gonna stress myself looking for it. So, we decided to go for Italiannies 1utama. I've been there a couple of times and their service is good. Food's good too.

"A picture is a worth a thousand words" . Here's some picture of what we had on thursday night.
Complimentary bread from Italiannies. According to a fellow friend, it's called baguette.

Lime-ade which I ordered, my "date" ordered warm water.

The first dish that we had , Fried Calamari (sotong) for 2 and small bowl of sauce.
The generous amount of sauce they gave us when we asked for more sauce.
Finally, the Chicken Fettucine that we ordered.

Here comes the awkward part of the dinner. As funny as it sounds, we couldn't finish the food although we only ordered 2 dishes. The Fried Calamari was for two. The Chicken Fettucine doesn't seem like a lot during first impression. In the end, we decided to take away the leftovers. She took the leftovers home because I don't think it'll taste very good when I get back home. Since she had an appointment after the dinner , I sent her home.

That's a good start on dating. I hope I can do more dating in the future. ya man.. date more chicks gal.


Elaine said...

hmm.. no comment at all. It's normal wat.. like calling a friend out for a dinner. Can this be a "date"? Hahaha... whatever.. hope there is improvement on ur next "date"'s blog.

leecynth said...

How come this dating section of urs have no conversation but a spread of plain food? nice pictures tho. the single baguette resembles u! so confused on a plate! moral of the story is.. why have to hide the real u and waste the food? just eat la and stop pretending!!

MaN|acZ said...

hide the real me?.. where got?..
it's just our conversation just relate so much about work, that I don't blog about it.

after all, our conversation might bore the hell out my readers, so I dun mention it loh. :)

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