Thursday, September 09, 2010

Seremban Trip

Here's the continuation of the Seremban trip that I went the other day.

Since my friend and myself is too lazy to drive to Seremban, we took the train from KTM Nilai station. The air cond wasn't working well, so there was no proper ventilation. So you can imagine lah what scent that went through my nose lah. (yes, it is not pleasant)

Once we reached Seremban KTM station, we walked to Seremban Parade took tea.At this Seremban Parade food court which looks really really deserted. (Possibly due to fasting month).
Then, we walked to Terminal One Shopping Centre. I had fond memories of this place, I used to go there a lot when I was studying in Nilai. That's where I get my regular supplies of PC games.
We stopped by at this "CoolBlog" for a Yam drink. The drink is just okay but a too sweet for my taste. That's all for my Seremban trip.