Thursday, August 31, 2006

My mail to Boss Stewie

I found out an intresting blog about an Entrepreneur , Boss Stewie , that talks about his struggles to success. So I emailed him to ask him about how does he start his company and stuff.

Here's part of the reply.

" Dear Maniacz,

I assume that the 'business' you're planning to start is a dotcom like mine.

Let me try to answer your first question.

The only time I earned money of my own was during my past two summer holidays where I did internships at two different investment banks.

So you can imagine that the money I earned and saved was hardly enough for me to embark on this business. "

You can read about the whole reply here.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


While on the way to airport, after passing this oil palm factory. I saw an accident.
So I took a photo of it. So, here it is.

As you can say it's a long trailer, some of its cargo (oil palms if I'm not mistaken fell on the side of the road), and it also knocked down the traffic light in that area.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What a rush!!

After driving for constant 120km/h on KESAS highway, I think it is safe to say that my trusty Wira still be able to high speeds. The thing is I rarely drive so fast, another thing is , this Wira has been in my family for about 7 years + liao. So I really appreciate that my trusty Wira didn't give me any problems.
Well, I was actually rushing to Damansara Utama Tai Thong for a dinner with my cousin. My mother and myself haven't seen her for years.. that's about like 5 years. wow... that's a pretty long time time. Dinner supposed to start at 7pm. We expect to reach at 7.30pm, but for some unknown reasons. We were caught in traffic jam caused by breakdown of some other roaduser's vehicle. not 1 but 2 on our way to PJ.
*grrrrr*. Anyway, we reached at 7.45pm. Phew. Thank God.

Dinner was over quite fast. We had hainan chicken(??), assam fish, chicken soup, fried prawns, deer meat(yeahh. babeh...nice man..). So, after dinner mom suggested we go over to aunt's place. So we chat for while with uncles, aunties and all. Then , it's driving back home again.

Driving back home is definitely a more comfortable journey because I don't have to rush anymore. I just wished I don't have to work for the next day.


Update: Photos of food

Claypot Tauhu I guess.