Friday, December 30, 2005


As the title said, I just watched KING KOOONGGG. Overall, it was quite a nice movie,graphically. But, if you try to think deeper, look into the details you might find a lot of inconsistencies or illogicalness.
However, what I wanted to say is. THE WHOLE DAMN CINEMA WAS like a SCREAMING FEST or SOME #@$@%#%^# SLAUGHTERHOUSE. Whenever the characters be it King Kong or whoever , are in danger, the audience , kids , parents , adults will start screaming.

Oh my Gosh! What the hell is this?! If I want go to a slaughterhouse or screaming fest , I can go anytime. Thank you. But NOT IN THE CINEMA. Kids makes the worse of these screaming audience, their voices are so high pitched, sometimes it just sort of pierce your ears when you hear scream (yea. slight exagerration, but I just felt that way). So after the 45 minutes of the movie, starting with the appearance of Kong, it has been screaming and screaming. Strangely, people laughed when they saw dinosaurs stumbled upon each other when one of them fell. What's so funny also I don't understand.

All I can say is watch King Kong if can't get enough from the classic movie King Kong, or if you want to marvel the amazing computer graphics or CGI or whatever special effects. Ignore it if you're looking deeply thought storyline.

That's all for today.

Note: Parents, please don't bring your children to watch King Kong. You and other adults / young adults will have much more a pleasant movie watching experience and your children might not be able to withstand the violent or horror scenes. You have been warned.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

6 hours shopping and my legs are tired!

Yesterday, I went shopping with my friend, let's just call him Bear. We spent around 6 hours ++ searching for clothes and gifts for his gf. Wow, 6 hours ++ , that's the first time I spent so much time shopping since I was in college. Man, damn shit long I tell you. It is the first time I spent too much shopping with a guy.

Since we've shopping around 6 hours, we did end up going to same shop again because he still can't decide what to buy during the first visit. In the end, we did bought something, he bought a pair of pants , a shirt, and also a pink piglet for his gf, well, I bought a pair of short pants and a red shirt for chinese new year. I was planning to buy a pair of jeans, but I think I got used to wearing pants for a long time, wearing jeans is like kinda, odd.

Shopping in 1utama was great too. It's a great place, except that Jusco is crowded 'coz that's where the families shop. Other places like SODA, PDI, B.U.M. equipment, those places were okay. You don't feel like rushing to try out the clothing. Of course, guys are guys. 1utama also seemed to be a good place for "bird watching".hehe.

It's officially, the 3rd day, I abandoned my lovely puppy, BROWNIE, somewhere else. No, I can't take care of it anymore. I got 2 / 3 cats liao, the puppy always finish up the cats' food. How the hell am I supposed to feed my cats?
On the contrary, having a puppy is good because the cats end up have to finish up their food as soon as it comes. The cats are very picky type, they don't finish up the food. The puppy is different, whatever you feed, it'll eat, like trash can. Hahah. With BROWNIE around, other cats don't dare to come to disturb my cats.

I miss BROWNIE. I hope that BROWNIE gets a better owner/master.

Another thing I noticed about dogs are, dogs are quite playful. They come to you, not the other way around. If you call them, they come running to you. But cats, they walked like snail pace to you. So much difference. Sometimes I wished the cats can behave like the dog, eg. finish up their food, jump around like dogs.

Then again, it might be so good after all.

Friday, December 16, 2005

It's official, my house will be become an animal orphanage

Just last week, just out of nowhere, came this little kitten, let's call it Brownie, that was injured stopping by my house thinking it as its home. UNFORTUNATELY, I do have 2 kittens and 1 cat momma with me. So, it's kinda straining to have 1 more cat.
Furthermore, the cats I have now don't like this newcomer, so I gotta separate them whenever breakfast / lunch / dinner time comes. (phehh..... ) .
So then comes sunday, my house really got no more room for cats. Furthermore, the cat momma is real hot momma or what. Keep getting pregnant, adeh. more and more cats. So we have "discard" them somewhere else.
Sunday came and gone, and the Brownie and cat momma was gone too. Then thursday morning, I heard a cat meow outside my window. WOOT! the cat momma somehow found her way back to my house after been discarded somewhere away from my place. Smart cat. But, no sign of Brownie.
The night before this, a puppy somehow found a way to my house as well. Since it's left eye is got infected, and it's late at night, my dad suggests we'll let him stay for the night.
So, now. Officially, my house has 3 cats and 1 dog. The cats don't really like the dog but most of time they'll go their own merry and try to avoid each other.

Now, I hope someone will adopt the dog. But who?

Thursday, December 08, 2005


I don't know who reads my blog. Sometimes I find I might blogging about very unneccessary things in my life.

Pah!. What do I care?!. Anyhow, I was some sort scolded by a bitch in PC Fair 2005 in KLCC recently. You know PC Fair was cramped, my dear friend Mr. B, was carrying his big ass casing he bought, and I was supposed to be his wing man to "open up" routes so that he can pass. As I was inching my way forward, (PC Fair is damn !@$$#^$ crowded), then 1 old lady ahead front of me, said "can you stop pushing please?", I quickly apologise, and saw her brushing off her shoulder like there was some dust on it.
I stood there stoned face for a while and then after she went out of sight I just said "bitch.."

Wei, lady it's f**king PC Fair, it's not like walking in the Tesco with big arse aisle. If you want people stop pushing, you go Tesco and take a stupid trolley with you. STUPID people I tell you. Summore she's wearing sleeveless dress , which explains why she brush her shoulder. If you know PC Fair so many people still wear like that, then you're STUPID IDIOT.

Don't get it lah. Why people are just so stupid sometimes?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Does looks really matter?

Well, I admit it I'm a sucker for looks. I always felt like tackling a girl/chick/ lady who's pretty.
But, I know a pretty face is useless without a good personality. But guys are really suckers for pretty face girls. Unless you're gay or some geek who has been hiding behind some rocks or something, then I don't know about you.

I'm in a kind of dilemma or maybe I think too much. Anyhow, the story starts like this. It's been about 2 years ago? I met this girl on the phone. Well, one of my colleagues introduced this girl,
Ms. HM, to me on the phone. So, we just talked on the phone like we sort of know each other. It's funny to talk to a stranger liked old friends on a phone. Then, I didn't call her for quite some time. She SMS'med me n asked me whether I was angry with her. So I replied and said I wasn't. A few months later, we finally meet (well, she was so eager to meet me , don't know why either). Honestly, I was slightly disappointed 'coz what she said about herself being pretty was slightly , erm, untrue.

After a while, pretty long I guess, I met a girl in a wedding dinner. Wow, it felt great. Actually, we met on the day of the wedding ceremony. She was the bridegroom's cousin. We talked a bit during the ceremony but I still don't know her name. But, I felt great after talking to her. I mean I didn't expect meet someone during the wedding ceremony. It's my first time I'm attending a wedding ceremony that is someone not related to me, and it's first time I met someone quite friendly in a wedding ceremony. Honestly, I was quite eager to meet her again during the dinner. The dinner finally arrived, I was scared too because I might not know what to do then. I was so nervous to ask for her name, then I thought, hey why not put my name card to good use. So I gave her mine, and after that she gave her mine. Then, I received a bad news. She has a boyfriend! Awww, just my luck. But, I kept on being friends with her. She looked pretty good during the wedding BTW.

Then, the third one which was my secondary school classmate,Ms. SP. I remember her as a sweet and nice person. We were classmates for a year but after that I moved to another place, promptly lost contact. After awhile, I got her number and started calling asking her how she was and all that. I remember she once said that if she doesn't have a boyfriend, she might pick me as hers. Now, I somehow have the impression that she is single. So, I thought my chance is up. I tried to call her more often now but our conversation always seems to cut short by the lack of topic or herself concentrating on her work. Ms. SP seems to be best candidate for me, for the moment. But, she not being concentrating on her conversation is pissing me off.

However, Ms. HM although can be slightly annoying , (because she can talk on the phone with me not even listening) can also be joy to chat with, because I always get to joke around with her.

The wedding girl, on other hand, I shouldn't put her in the list at all. She has a boyfriend for Christ's sake.We usually chat on Y! messenger, it's fun chatting with her because we'll share each other working grievances too.

Ms. SP , I'm quite disappointed. Maybe she's concentrating too much on her work, I don't know. I hope meeting her might change my mind about her. I hoping there's something for both of us.

Am I hoping too much?!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Harry Potter 4: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Not entirely spectacular movie but just nice. Well, wizards after all are almost like normal humans. In this movie, we get to see the transformation of a young boy to a young adult and also changes that happened between him and his friends.

As I said before, it's not spectacular because the plot is sort of predictable. By almost half of the movie, the audience can roughly predict who is the culprit between all the disturbances in Hogwarts school.

But, if you're looking for eye-candy and short love story, this movie will be definitely fulfill that your taste. In this movie, it becomes even more apparent (in case you didn't watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) Hermione does have little more something for Ron as well as Harry. Eye candies, hmmmm, you'll see the massiveness of environment in Hogwarts school, also Quidditch cup stadium and the intresting fireworks.

That's my short review of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

back to work..


Saturday, November 19, 2005

A great saturday morning and night!

Yay, it's my off day today. I'm going out for breakfast with my friend. What a beautiful day!

Yay, my ex-secondary school classmate is having an open house today. Quite nice, got mutton barbeque too. Too bad didn't have much time talking to him also. He was busy with his ikan bakar and all that. I went with my another classmate, and his family.
All in all, nice experience , could've been better if other classmates joined in.

Talked to my collegemate, Ms. CA. It was a quite nice experience, I joked, go crazy , and talk nonsense with her. Haha. I missed talking to her. Too bad I can't find anyone as smart, witty, talkative and nice as her. Pheh.. ladies I met are quite "butchy" , sad to say.heh heh.

Should be going to bed now. Ready for tomorrow class.heh.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Need for Speed : Most (Un)Wanted?

Well, after playing the new Need for Speed: Most Wanted. I hardly see the reason this game will be the MOST WANTED racing game for this year.

Graphics, yeah it's beautiful, prettier than the one before.

Audio, yeah loud, heavy rock stuff just like its NFS series before.

Gameplay, well , you do have something new, something similar to bullet-time, which you slow down to make those AMAZING moves. You have all the cops pursuing you ala Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit style.

Controls, I find the car will wobble left and right even you're driving a seemingly straight line.(Simulating realism?)

Well, the thing it felt kind of like Burnout 3 without the cops.

Conclusion: Not impressed, new features just don't seem to kick butt at all. But, hoping that the retail version will be better than this.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Admiration of war heroes

I've playing a lot of games since I was small. 5 years old I guess?. I think it's 7 years old. I usually just played games but never have I admire the hard work the programmers, artists and developers put in to their games. When I got older, I start to look at the hard work of these people behind the games. Maybe the computer game market started to become more and more competitive. Games nowadays are becoming more like movies, which extensive research and planning should be done before creating them (maybe not all types of movies).

Anyhow, some of games that really "opened" my eyes are the recent WWII games,namely
a) Brothers in Arms, (BiA)
b) Medal of Honor : Pacific Assault Collector's Edition.
The developers have clearly put a lot of effort on creating them. It was as if I was really there in Pearl Harbor during the Japanese attack(MoH:PA). You can almost experienced what it was liked to be in a war. In BiA, you're a Sargeant which commands team(s) of paratroopers which landed in German in the eve of D-Day invasion. Honestly, you just have play these 2 games to see the dedication of the people behind these games.

I admire them and also those who are potrayed in these games. I admire the soldiers who have put their lives on the line to defend what they believed. Anything can happen in a war, a person u just met a minute ago, could be dead the next minute. It makes me wonder how they managed to survive through the war and wonder will I have courage as they had when the time comes. I wonder.

Friday, November 11, 2005

My first post.

Today is 10th November 2005. I'm supposed to do some programming work now but I'm not working on it.

Hehe. lazy pig. Just bored , that's all. But i'm writing a post.

I'm supposed to blog something but I have nothing in mind. I just leave it.