Wednesday, December 21, 2005

6 hours shopping and my legs are tired!

Yesterday, I went shopping with my friend, let's just call him Bear. We spent around 6 hours ++ searching for clothes and gifts for his gf. Wow, 6 hours ++ , that's the first time I spent so much time shopping since I was in college. Man, damn shit long I tell you. It is the first time I spent too much shopping with a guy.

Since we've shopping around 6 hours, we did end up going to same shop again because he still can't decide what to buy during the first visit. In the end, we did bought something, he bought a pair of pants , a shirt, and also a pink piglet for his gf, well, I bought a pair of short pants and a red shirt for chinese new year. I was planning to buy a pair of jeans, but I think I got used to wearing pants for a long time, wearing jeans is like kinda, odd.

Shopping in 1utama was great too. It's a great place, except that Jusco is crowded 'coz that's where the families shop. Other places like SODA, PDI, B.U.M. equipment, those places were okay. You don't feel like rushing to try out the clothing. Of course, guys are guys. 1utama also seemed to be a good place for "bird watching".hehe.

It's officially, the 3rd day, I abandoned my lovely puppy, BROWNIE, somewhere else. No, I can't take care of it anymore. I got 2 / 3 cats liao, the puppy always finish up the cats' food. How the hell am I supposed to feed my cats?
On the contrary, having a puppy is good because the cats end up have to finish up their food as soon as it comes. The cats are very picky type, they don't finish up the food. The puppy is different, whatever you feed, it'll eat, like trash can. Hahah. With BROWNIE around, other cats don't dare to come to disturb my cats.

I miss BROWNIE. I hope that BROWNIE gets a better owner/master.

Another thing I noticed about dogs are, dogs are quite playful. They come to you, not the other way around. If you call them, they come running to you. But cats, they walked like snail pace to you. So much difference. Sometimes I wished the cats can behave like the dog, eg. finish up their food, jump around like dogs.

Then again, it might be so good after all.

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