Thursday, December 08, 2005


I don't know who reads my blog. Sometimes I find I might blogging about very unneccessary things in my life.

Pah!. What do I care?!. Anyhow, I was some sort scolded by a bitch in PC Fair 2005 in KLCC recently. You know PC Fair was cramped, my dear friend Mr. B, was carrying his big ass casing he bought, and I was supposed to be his wing man to "open up" routes so that he can pass. As I was inching my way forward, (PC Fair is damn !@$$#^$ crowded), then 1 old lady ahead front of me, said "can you stop pushing please?", I quickly apologise, and saw her brushing off her shoulder like there was some dust on it.
I stood there stoned face for a while and then after she went out of sight I just said "bitch.."

Wei, lady it's f**king PC Fair, it's not like walking in the Tesco with big arse aisle. If you want people stop pushing, you go Tesco and take a stupid trolley with you. STUPID people I tell you. Summore she's wearing sleeveless dress , which explains why she brush her shoulder. If you know PC Fair so many people still wear like that, then you're STUPID IDIOT.

Don't get it lah. Why people are just so stupid sometimes?

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