Friday, December 16, 2005

It's official, my house will be become an animal orphanage

Just last week, just out of nowhere, came this little kitten, let's call it Brownie, that was injured stopping by my house thinking it as its home. UNFORTUNATELY, I do have 2 kittens and 1 cat momma with me. So, it's kinda straining to have 1 more cat.
Furthermore, the cats I have now don't like this newcomer, so I gotta separate them whenever breakfast / lunch / dinner time comes. (phehh..... ) .
So then comes sunday, my house really got no more room for cats. Furthermore, the cat momma is real hot momma or what. Keep getting pregnant, adeh. more and more cats. So we have "discard" them somewhere else.
Sunday came and gone, and the Brownie and cat momma was gone too. Then thursday morning, I heard a cat meow outside my window. WOOT! the cat momma somehow found her way back to my house after been discarded somewhere away from my place. Smart cat. But, no sign of Brownie.
The night before this, a puppy somehow found a way to my house as well. Since it's left eye is got infected, and it's late at night, my dad suggests we'll let him stay for the night.
So, now. Officially, my house has 3 cats and 1 dog. The cats don't really like the dog but most of time they'll go their own merry and try to avoid each other.

Now, I hope someone will adopt the dog. But who?

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