Thursday, December 01, 2005

Does looks really matter?

Well, I admit it I'm a sucker for looks. I always felt like tackling a girl/chick/ lady who's pretty.
But, I know a pretty face is useless without a good personality. But guys are really suckers for pretty face girls. Unless you're gay or some geek who has been hiding behind some rocks or something, then I don't know about you.

I'm in a kind of dilemma or maybe I think too much. Anyhow, the story starts like this. It's been about 2 years ago? I met this girl on the phone. Well, one of my colleagues introduced this girl,
Ms. HM, to me on the phone. So, we just talked on the phone like we sort of know each other. It's funny to talk to a stranger liked old friends on a phone. Then, I didn't call her for quite some time. She SMS'med me n asked me whether I was angry with her. So I replied and said I wasn't. A few months later, we finally meet (well, she was so eager to meet me , don't know why either). Honestly, I was slightly disappointed 'coz what she said about herself being pretty was slightly , erm, untrue.

After a while, pretty long I guess, I met a girl in a wedding dinner. Wow, it felt great. Actually, we met on the day of the wedding ceremony. She was the bridegroom's cousin. We talked a bit during the ceremony but I still don't know her name. But, I felt great after talking to her. I mean I didn't expect meet someone during the wedding ceremony. It's my first time I'm attending a wedding ceremony that is someone not related to me, and it's first time I met someone quite friendly in a wedding ceremony. Honestly, I was quite eager to meet her again during the dinner. The dinner finally arrived, I was scared too because I might not know what to do then. I was so nervous to ask for her name, then I thought, hey why not put my name card to good use. So I gave her mine, and after that she gave her mine. Then, I received a bad news. She has a boyfriend! Awww, just my luck. But, I kept on being friends with her. She looked pretty good during the wedding BTW.

Then, the third one which was my secondary school classmate,Ms. SP. I remember her as a sweet and nice person. We were classmates for a year but after that I moved to another place, promptly lost contact. After awhile, I got her number and started calling asking her how she was and all that. I remember she once said that if she doesn't have a boyfriend, she might pick me as hers. Now, I somehow have the impression that she is single. So, I thought my chance is up. I tried to call her more often now but our conversation always seems to cut short by the lack of topic or herself concentrating on her work. Ms. SP seems to be best candidate for me, for the moment. But, she not being concentrating on her conversation is pissing me off.

However, Ms. HM although can be slightly annoying , (because she can talk on the phone with me not even listening) can also be joy to chat with, because I always get to joke around with her.

The wedding girl, on other hand, I shouldn't put her in the list at all. She has a boyfriend for Christ's sake.We usually chat on Y! messenger, it's fun chatting with her because we'll share each other working grievances too.

Ms. SP , I'm quite disappointed. Maybe she's concentrating too much on her work, I don't know. I hope meeting her might change my mind about her. I hoping there's something for both of us.

Am I hoping too much?!

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