Thursday, October 26, 2006


This is one of best Deepavali I ever had.
4 houses in 2 days!!! yeahhh harr..
3 of them were my colleagues, and another 1 is my secondary school classmate.

It was a tiring drive to my ex-colleague's place in Bandar Mahkota Cheras. But, I think it's well worth it. His friend, Adrian , was a funny fellow too.That's the second house on saturday. The same night I went to another colleague's place. The food was so-so , but the crowd, nice. warm feeling , just like being at home with your own family.

Well, my classmate's place was good too. The curry, rendang and all that were full of juicy gravy. Too bad we didn't make the proper arrangements, and ended up arriving before him being at home. Thank God his parents were at home, if not we'll sitting there like dungu waiting for him to come back.

Overall, it was great. Will post a photo of the "kolum" taken in 1 of the colleague's house.

Photo of "Kolum" (Correct spelling ar?)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

At last, I can play games!!

After my PC's video card (old pc) spoilt since last saturday (7/10/2006), I haven't been able to play any 3D games like Eve-online and stuff. Yeah, so far Eve-online is the only game I played. haha. Since it's not (economically) feasible to replace the kaput AGP ATi 9800 Pro , I made the decision to buy new set of system unit the next day. This includes AMD x2 3800+ CPU Dual Core, Gigabyte NF4 SLI motherboard, Gigabyte PCI-Express video card, 2 pieces of 512MB RAM , Thermaltake Big Typhoon CPU Fan, Coolermaster Centurion 5 casing. I got it from Compuzone Low Yat plaza. Costs me an arm and a leg, about RM2150 including credit card charges, which even costlier than previous upgrade to Socket 939 CPU.
Even though I got it back home on sunday, but I was too lazy to set it up. I was thinking of using my 200GB SATA hard disk from my old pc on my new pc. However, Partition Magic can't partition my 200GB SATA hard disk. (PartitionMagic can't partition, go figure).Since the hard disk is loaded with stuff, I rather not install my Windows XP on it for fear of corrupting my data in case the installation run into any problems.

So, I decided to purchase 250GB SATA hard disk. But , there's one problem. SATA controller drivers are not included with the Windows XP CD by default. Thus, I have to create my own start-up CD to include the SATA drivers so that I don't have to press F6 and insert the SATA driver floppy disk. I didn't buy a floppy drive for my new set of computer as well. So, that's way I have create a custom start-up CD.

Anyways, I finally set up my 250GB SATA hard disk with this Slipstream guide.
THANK YOU SHORT-MEDIA for creating such a simple guide and NLite (for such an awesome software) for making integration of SATA drivers a hell lot easier for computer users. I printed the guide in Landscape A4 and it took around 55 pages. Which is really a lot.

Well. I'll try to start playing games as soon as I'm done with installation of all the other software, eg. Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Office, sound card/ video card drivers, and etc.

Here's some photos of effects of a corrupted PowerColor ATi 9800 card, I bought it for about RM900 , 2 years ago (I guess?) during PC fair.

As you can see the fonts, have been mashed up together with some lines. Well, you can try to guess what they supposed to mean. or buy a new video card.Click the photos for close inspection.

Well you can see that there are some lines beside the cursor. This is what a corrupted video card can do to you.Click the photos for a closer inspection.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Here we go to war!!!!

Sometimes it's just feels like the whole world is going to crumble in seconds. like. wtf was that for?!..

like everyone is out to get you. I think it's me, or my brain goes on overdrive.Maybe.
"Lack of communication skills"?!!.. hah... what a joke?! it's "good communication skills" to hide behind a "Be nice to everyone" face?!..

man..what a joke!!!... I'm frustrated because some joker despite being an idiot, still being given "highly respected" task. While I myself being semi-genius (woei. u think I'm genius meh?..don't want so.. show off lah)... , then i was assigned to measly tasks. If you don't do, they lable you "negative influence", whatever shit lah , etc.

I mean , wtf is wrong with you?! I'm just being realistic. pheh.... Optimistic my butt...

Enough ranting... ahhh.. feeling half better. will try to feel better friday morning.

Rest In Peace.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Resignation and Resignation

Yeap, the time I posted entry is really 3.19am in the morning. I just sleep early on friday night and woke up at 1am in on saturday morning.

Anyway, back the title of the posts. I had 3 colleagues who all resigned within the month of September.
The 1st , is my company's Accounts Clerk, Ms Mountain Beauty, she have been with our company for proably 4 years + since I joined after her.
The 2nd, is our company's HR Executive, Sabrina, she has also been with our company for about the same years as Ms. Mountain Beauty.
The 3rd, is our company's payroll executive, Ms. Happy-go-lucky ,at the time of resignation , she has already been transferred to another subsidiary which is nearby to us, which probably joined us for about 2 years +, I guess.

Since Sabrina and Ms. Happy-go-lucky final day is close to each other, the former is on 22nd, the latter is on 30th, we made the decision to combine both farewell dinner together. To my knowledge, is quite a good idea.

Well, it's been 4+ of glory years working with Ms. Mountain Beauty and Ms. Sabrina. After Ms. Sabrina's departure, it has been big loss to me. This being we were quite close friends for some time. But, I should learn to move on and continue working in my company.

Hopefully, with a better experience and knowledge, I'll also be able to grab better offer waiting for me somewhere out there.