Thursday, October 26, 2006


This is one of best Deepavali I ever had.
4 houses in 2 days!!! yeahhh harr..
3 of them were my colleagues, and another 1 is my secondary school classmate.

It was a tiring drive to my ex-colleague's place in Bandar Mahkota Cheras. But, I think it's well worth it. His friend, Adrian , was a funny fellow too.That's the second house on saturday. The same night I went to another colleague's place. The food was so-so , but the crowd, nice. warm feeling , just like being at home with your own family.

Well, my classmate's place was good too. The curry, rendang and all that were full of juicy gravy. Too bad we didn't make the proper arrangements, and ended up arriving before him being at home. Thank God his parents were at home, if not we'll sitting there like dungu waiting for him to come back.

Overall, it was great. Will post a photo of the "kolum" taken in 1 of the colleague's house.

Photo of "Kolum" (Correct spelling ar?)

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