Friday, October 13, 2006

Here we go to war!!!!

Sometimes it's just feels like the whole world is going to crumble in seconds. like. wtf was that for?!..

like everyone is out to get you. I think it's me, or my brain goes on overdrive.Maybe.
"Lack of communication skills"?!!.. hah... what a joke?! it's "good communication skills" to hide behind a "Be nice to everyone" face?!..

man..what a joke!!!... I'm frustrated because some joker despite being an idiot, still being given "highly respected" task. While I myself being semi-genius (woei. u think I'm genius meh?..don't want so.. show off lah)... , then i was assigned to measly tasks. If you don't do, they lable you "negative influence", whatever shit lah , etc.

I mean , wtf is wrong with you?! I'm just being realistic. pheh.... Optimistic my butt...

Enough ranting... ahhh.. feeling half better. will try to feel better friday morning.

Rest In Peace.

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