Saturday, October 07, 2006

Resignation and Resignation

Yeap, the time I posted entry is really 3.19am in the morning. I just sleep early on friday night and woke up at 1am in on saturday morning.

Anyway, back the title of the posts. I had 3 colleagues who all resigned within the month of September.
The 1st , is my company's Accounts Clerk, Ms Mountain Beauty, she have been with our company for proably 4 years + since I joined after her.
The 2nd, is our company's HR Executive, Sabrina, she has also been with our company for about the same years as Ms. Mountain Beauty.
The 3rd, is our company's payroll executive, Ms. Happy-go-lucky ,at the time of resignation , she has already been transferred to another subsidiary which is nearby to us, which probably joined us for about 2 years +, I guess.

Since Sabrina and Ms. Happy-go-lucky final day is close to each other, the former is on 22nd, the latter is on 30th, we made the decision to combine both farewell dinner together. To my knowledge, is quite a good idea.

Well, it's been 4+ of glory years working with Ms. Mountain Beauty and Ms. Sabrina. After Ms. Sabrina's departure, it has been big loss to me. This being we were quite close friends for some time. But, I should learn to move on and continue working in my company.

Hopefully, with a better experience and knowledge, I'll also be able to grab better offer waiting for me somewhere out there.

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