Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Trip to Johor and Singapore Part I

Finally , another long holiday. Sorry for the long delay. There was just nothing worth to blog about.
Last saturday, I drove all the way with my family and friends to Johor Bahru. The 4 hours I took to drive there includes some time avoiding potholes in the high way. Certain times was wasted because of the partial road closures, which means 2 lanes decrease to 1 lane , that means drive slow.Overall, the driving to Johor was indeed tiring but you get to drive at 110km/h!! well, you can drive to 140km/h or more if your car can take it.

Photos will soon to follow because Internet performance has been really bad due to quakes in Taiwan. God bless the victims of Taiwan earthquake.

Finally, Internet has gone back to normal on friday night and I'm able continue my EVE-ONLINE gaming .. yeahhh harrr.. Anyways, here are some photos for Johor trip day 1.
Pagoh rest stop.(?? I forgot) A lot of people stopping for lunch.

One of worse Nasi Ayam Goreng I had. The chicken and the rice are cold, save for the soup, everything is almost tasteless.

After leaving Pagoh rest stop, there were slight traffic jams heading to KL. There were actually a few from Johor to KL.

Finally, reached Tampoi and went to Danga Bay.
Dinner at Danga Bay. Forgot what's the name of restaurant.That's Thai Chicken cutlet, just okay for me though. The Fish and chips are nicer.

Another shot of Danga Bay

Sunday, December 17, 2006

It's nice when people thank you.

Some of you might have noticed that I was mentioned in leech's blog in her post of
" Personal : MTV's "Global Art Of Mixing" Video Shots ".
OR some of you probably check out my blog from this following line "More tomorrow because I'm plain deprived of sleep, and too traumatised to continue anymore tonight. (P.S: Thanks to Maniacz for recommending all the video still capturing software!!)" in the same post.

Well, all I can say. You're welcome on that. I don't really think I did much too.

Now, on the subject of "it's nice when people thank you." Just the other day, I was by my "kai-mui" or cyber-sis (since we knew each online through friendster), let's call her Z. Z told me she's gonna visit a fellow blogger in Midvalley. But, she said she's gonna visit her ALONE. So, I was worried and gave her call around 8pm.I mean with high criminal activities these recent years (eg. snatch theives, murder, etc.)

She answered and told me she was in the blogger's car and on the way to her place. I was surprised but crossed my fingers that she's alright. Around midnight, I received a call from her saying that she have got home safely. Well, for some, this doesn't mean crap to them. But, for me at least it warns my heart that some people out there still touched because you're attentive to them.

The fellow blogger that she visited also thank her personally on her blog tho she did not mention her name at all. But, I guess she's talking about her.

Anyway, I'm happy that someone acknowledges you. However, sucking up to someone is another story.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's thursday and another wedding.

It's thursday night and here I am attending another wedding again. This time around, it's one of the fellow manager's son's wedding.
I don't even know the son. I just attending only lah.. don't care so much. The food was quite okay. I'll post up the photos later.

Thoughts :
As more and more people are getting married,the chances of befriending having female friend(s) who is/are still single seems to be getting slimmer and slimmer by the day.

Damn.. I'm suffering from "getting-married" crisis. Anyone can introduce a gal for me?!!

Updates :

The first dish, 冷盘

Shark's fin. 鱼翅

Chicken and pork

Steamed fish

Veggies, brocolli with erm.. mushroom?

Buttered prawns and deep fried prawns

Small "paos" from the dessert

(Almost) Empty bowl of "tong sui" from the dessert

Monday, December 04, 2006

Weddings , weddings and more weddings.

Last sunday (26/11/2006), I attended a chinese wedding of an acquaintance,let's call her PP. She's actually my tuition mate. Yeah. I made that term out. We went physics tuition together
and we're from different school. I only realised we lived in the same place when I was cycling one day and saw her cycling at the same area too. Then, I found out that her father is also my dad's colleague. Talk about a small world. Overall, it was quite an okay wedding. (I attended so many weddings this year , I couldn't remember what was not an okay wedding.) Anyways, it was quite organised I can say. Her sister even went to look for seats for us. yes. her sister looks "hawt" too. I mean of course she have to dress nicely for PP's wedding wat. Well, we sat with a bunch of strangers (again). We as in my mom and I. My father couldn't make it so I'm considered attending on behalf of him and also myself.

Yesterday (3/12/2006), I attended an Indian wedding lunch.This time around, it is my secondary school classmate getting married. She's married to her boyfriend from secondary school years if I remember correctly. Overall, the wedding was great because we ate even before the ceremony ended. yea. I know it was very impolite. But that still beats queuing up a LONG LONG line to get your food (since it's buffet style). Compared to Chinese wedding where you have wait for like a few light years for your food to arrive. We met up with quite a number of schoolmates too. Too bad there wasn't a lot of chinese classmates.


The venue for the (26/11/2006) and (3/12/2006) weddings are the same, which is a school hall. It's a good thing they are not serving the same food.If not, I don't
know what is going to happen.


Today (4/12/2006), I attended yet another wedding. This is a chinese wedding. Yet another classmate getting married. Yeah. babeh. It's one of secondary school classmates again. She's married to her coursemate?.. hmmm. I forgot. Anyway, it was great too because it turns out her coursemate was Gary from 8tv, the host of E-news.
He also become the emcee for part of the wedding. I think due to his stage experience. He was able to promote a very lively atmosphere for the wedding. Good food , good wedding. I get to meet with even more schoolmates and classmates. I even saw a colleague who also held her wedding at the same place 2-3 months back. Too bad I just waved at her and didn't talk to her. I get to talk to a classmate. Turns out she's working in Penang and the company her sister working in is has the same mother company as my current company. Small small world indeed.

Well, there was some catching up to do. It was better than I expected. Tho, I was a pissed because someone was supposed to reserve a seat for me. Then again, I get to sit in a table which has less people which means MORE FOOD. yeah.

That's all for now. I hope I'll can blog more intresting stuff soon.