Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Trip to Johor and Singapore Part I

Finally , another long holiday. Sorry for the long delay. There was just nothing worth to blog about.
Last saturday, I drove all the way with my family and friends to Johor Bahru. The 4 hours I took to drive there includes some time avoiding potholes in the high way. Certain times was wasted because of the partial road closures, which means 2 lanes decrease to 1 lane , that means drive slow.Overall, the driving to Johor was indeed tiring but you get to drive at 110km/h!! well, you can drive to 140km/h or more if your car can take it.

Photos will soon to follow because Internet performance has been really bad due to quakes in Taiwan. God bless the victims of Taiwan earthquake.

Finally, Internet has gone back to normal on friday night and I'm able continue my EVE-ONLINE gaming .. yeahhh harrr.. Anyways, here are some photos for Johor trip day 1.
Pagoh rest stop.(?? I forgot) A lot of people stopping for lunch.

One of worse Nasi Ayam Goreng I had. The chicken and the rice are cold, save for the soup, everything is almost tasteless.

After leaving Pagoh rest stop, there were slight traffic jams heading to KL. There were actually a few from Johor to KL.

Finally, reached Tampoi and went to Danga Bay.
Dinner at Danga Bay. Forgot what's the name of restaurant.That's Thai Chicken cutlet, just okay for me though. The Fish and chips are nicer.

Another shot of Danga Bay

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