Sunday, December 17, 2006

It's nice when people thank you.

Some of you might have noticed that I was mentioned in leech's blog in her post of
" Personal : MTV's "Global Art Of Mixing" Video Shots ".
OR some of you probably check out my blog from this following line "More tomorrow because I'm plain deprived of sleep, and too traumatised to continue anymore tonight. (P.S: Thanks to Maniacz for recommending all the video still capturing software!!)" in the same post.

Well, all I can say. You're welcome on that. I don't really think I did much too.

Now, on the subject of "it's nice when people thank you." Just the other day, I was by my "kai-mui" or cyber-sis (since we knew each online through friendster), let's call her Z. Z told me she's gonna visit a fellow blogger in Midvalley. But, she said she's gonna visit her ALONE. So, I was worried and gave her call around 8pm.I mean with high criminal activities these recent years (eg. snatch theives, murder, etc.)

She answered and told me she was in the blogger's car and on the way to her place. I was surprised but crossed my fingers that she's alright. Around midnight, I received a call from her saying that she have got home safely. Well, for some, this doesn't mean crap to them. But, for me at least it warns my heart that some people out there still touched because you're attentive to them.

The fellow blogger that she visited also thank her personally on her blog tho she did not mention her name at all. But, I guess she's talking about her.

Anyway, I'm happy that someone acknowledges you. However, sucking up to someone is another story.

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