Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Esquire Kitchen dinner & The Covenant

Haven't been to the movies for quite some time now. Well, the last time I went was actually like around September 2006. Anyways, I went watch the movie "The Covenant" with my college friend, and also my colleague. Saw the trailer , looks like a nice movie too. BUT, IT'S NOT. It's a LOOOOOONG winded show, which doesn't know what is it trying to tell its audience. My colleague just calls it "Harry Potter Adult version".
But at least there's a story in Harry Potter. This?!!.. I have no idea what is it trying to tell. I'm not going to spoil the movie for you (even though it sucks, that's my opinion though). But, try as hard as you can to avoid this money UNLESS you have free movie passes. Then , it's another story.

After movie, we were having a hard time to decide what to eat. The problem is.. TOO MANY CHOICES.. lol... Finally, we settled for Esquire Kitchen. That is one choice I don't regret. The food is quite nice, not very crowded (which means good service) and certainly good food.

We didn't order a lot, my friend ordered Shanghai Noodle. Myself and my colleague ordered Yong Chow fried rice (yeah. I know very uncreative to order the same thing, but we're hungry watt.. just eat anything lah). But , I still like the fried wantan side order.
Best best best!!!

Here's some photo of food we ordered. Sorries no Shanghai Noodle photo.

Fried Wantan, nice man.Very D tasty man from Esquire Kitchen 1U. Esquire Kitchen also provided a bowl of sauce for us to dip into it. Nice man. Must remember to order if you going to Esquire Kitchen 1U. (haven't try Esquire Kitchen MINES's fried wantan before).

Yong Chow Fried rice. Taste okay. The nice thing about it is it's quite filling. I like it also.


leech said...

Yeah, I saw the Covenant trailer and super duper wanted to watch it. :DD But after what you wrote... hilang interest already la. :( "Harry Potter for adults" sounds interesting though.

Oh yea... my bf said that he shy to add pple to his msn. Said if email only then can la. :>

MaN|acZ said...

leech : sorry to spoilt your interest about the movie.

ur bf shy? only can ar?..

well I think you have my email address right? it's in your guestbook.
Can send his email address to me?