Monday, November 06, 2006

A new week...

Here's a start a new week,jeng jeng jeng.... (yea.. that sounds so lame). Anyway, went to watch a movie in USJ Summit. Everytime I go that place, it just seemed to be quite "alive" as other shopping complexes. I don't know why.

My friend and I watched "The Prestige". Not bad at all though after watching it , you DO need some thinking to fully understand the story. My first response after the movie was I don't know what is it talking about. But, later after awhile you do seem to understand the story better.

Spoilers ahead:
As the movie stated, there are 3 concepts in the a magic performance. The Pledge, The Turn and The Prestige. The Pledge involves presenting something normal, The Turn is making that normal act look extraordinary. Finally, The Prestige which is the name of the movie, which is that the audience sees something they never seen before.
Throughout the whole movie, these 3 concepts will be mention time and time again. This is to make sure that you listen, you observed, there is indeed something that happening to the magicians after they finished with their magical act on-stage.

I don't have much to say about it other than these 3 concepts. But basically, it has almost the style as in Batman Begins where the timeline of the characters are switched back and forth, present and past.Sometimes it may confuse the audience, but you'll just keep watching , anticipating what other things could happen.

Anyways, JUST GO WATCH IT!!!!!

Now, on another note. We had a very abnormal incident at the ticket booth while we're trying to get tickets for "The Prestige".
When we're able to pay for our tickets,
the counter lady asked "Any of you under 18?".
My friend and I looked at each other,
then I said ,"errm.. nope."
For a while, I was wondering what was the lady trying to imply. But since we got our tickets , I'll just forget about it.
That's one of the "first" to happen while going to a cinema. The "first" time we asked, "Are we under 18?"
The second "first" experience I have was buying a hot dog into cinema. It really feels a bit strange chomping a hotdog, because it's so dark , you can't even bloody see your dog. hahah.. to make things even worse, I bought a beef, my friend bought a chicken. We were trying to figure which one is ours. But my friend was smart, with the help of his handphone backlight, he took a look at the "dog", took his chicken dog because the color is brighter than my beef dog and started eating. I starting eating after him.

Overall, a nice experience having hotdogs in cinema.But,it's also my fault that we left late from home but Thank Goodness for GSC Summit's crowd which are basically lesser than of Sunway or 1utama's we got a quite good seats and still have ample to buy drinks and hotdogs.

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