Thursday, November 02, 2006

Need for Speed : Carbon!!

Finally my pre-order copy of Need for Speed : Carbon arrived at my office.Hoo yah!!
After paying for RM79 (that's Malaysia Ringgit , MYR) plus RM31 for shipping, I waited for like 1 week +.
Initially, I only paid for RM6 for the shipping because the shipping company informed the game company , they (shipping company) covered my area. However, on 1 November 2006 I got a called from the game company stating the intial shipping company don't cover my area and asked me whether to use POSLaju or other courier company. Finally, they found that DHL covered my area and I have to pay an extra RM25 for delivery charges and said it should take 2 days to arrive, which I thought was friday.
But, DHL proved me wrong. It arrived on 2nd November 2006 and I'm a proud owner of Need for Speed: Carbon Collector's Edition.

Note to self:
I'll ask the game company to check with CityLink and Nationwide next time when I make a purchase,since they cover my area .

Lesson of the day:
Sometimes, a company's good service quality can be degraded by others who are serving for them.

Anyway, here's a few photos of Need for Speed : Carbon Collector's Edition boxed set.

The box of Need for Speed: Carbon Collector's Edition.

The case of Need For Speed : Carbon Collector's Edition.

The DVD on the left is the BONUS Disc, containing the making of NFS:Carbon, and etc.The DVD on the right is of course the GAME Disc.

It also came with 2 pieces of leaflets, 1 contains the CD key for this game,another leaflet highlights about games that will be released by EA in the coming future.

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