Sunday, November 26, 2006

BKT in Nilai and Casino Royale

Well, I was supposed to blog a week ago. But, I was too lazy + Internet surfing with Digi GPRS was DAMN SHITTY. It was so Donkey slow. So I also gave up uploading pictures.
Actually, I think it was the former. haha.
Anyway, here's what happened. A college friend came over from PJ, thinking of going to visit our former college in Nilai. I picked him up from Nilai KTM station about 7.30pm.
When I arrived at the Nilai KTM station, it brings me back the memories of us, sometimes myself taking the commuter to Seremban or to Midvalley for shopping.
Since it was late to go back to my home for dinner, we took dinner at Desa Cempaka Deli (I think I got the name correctly), Bandar Baru Nilai.Here's a photo of the Bat Kut Teh that we had.

It was okay.I don't think I should call it the best BKT, maybe in Nilai. because I didn't have BKT for a long time liao. Anyways, we were hungry so we just eat it as soon as it arrives.

Then after dinner, we went to Desa Melati to look at our former house that we used to stay. Man, brings back the sweet memories of the place. Miss my college so much.haha.
But, somehow the place wasn't that crowded as it used to be. The place looks even more deserted than before. Probably there are more houses, apartments closer to the college now that most of the students have moved to those places instead.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

The next day (Sunday 19/11/2006), I bring my friend to the beach near my hometown. After we went to airport to pick up dad, then we off I went to send him back to PJ and 2 of my friends to catch Casino Royale.

Considering all the bimbos of previous James Bond series,I was expecting the same crap again. But, I was wrong. It was great.
Warning! Spoiler Ahead!
The bond gals are not no longer bimbos who screams like psycho nor they make love like they were horny bitches.haha.(yeah. bad way to describe them , but that's the best I can do).In Casino Royale, Daniel Craig's James Bond seems so much more different than previous James Bond. His character was so violent, and so quick-to-act, you sometimes wonder whether you're watching James Bond or some other action film. James Bond character was known to subtle, charming and most importantly being a gentleman. Although Daniel Craig isn't any of the above, I congratulate the crew behind this movie for coming out something truly different.

So, GO WATCH CASINO ROYALE. You'll be amazed and have a bit laugh too during the movie.

Ohh.. don't forget to watch out the cameo appearance of Sir Richard Branson, the man behind Virgin Airlines and almost anything that starts with Virgin.(Nope, I'm not going to tell you which scene, you just have to watch it.)

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