Saturday, November 18, 2006


Chicken Steak rice . I had this in Nilai. a shop beside Inti College Malaysia Nilai.Nothing special. The sauce is not very thick , the flavour doesn't seemed etched into the chicken meat either. I think the sauce is black pepper sauce.
Another view Chicken Steak rice.Nice presentation though. My colleagues said it looked nice.

This is the Nasi Lemak I tried on 15 November 2006 in Dengkil. Well , again I didn't note the name of shop. It's a corner shop near MEGAH supermarket in Dengkil.Place is okay. Parking might a bit of problem. You have to park close to nearby houses.The Nasi Lemak is very the kinda "Chinese" style. Not that spicy. But that's not to say it's bad. The anchovies are fried nicely, taste crunchy, good amount of peanuts included as well, thick curry with chicken and potatoes.
Presentation-wise, ok. Although my description sounds like any other nasi lemak, but you should give it a try.The friendly auntie who sells the nasi lemak comes around and talk to the customers too. Very cheerful person.
Round 1 : Before.
Our company had small raya gathering in the office. These are the food served in the gathering.We have bee-hoon(Rice Vermicelli) , curry chicken,satay,and veggie(ar cat?dunno how to spell).
Round 1 : After.

Round 2:Desserts.
Yellow and red watermelon.Fried banana and spicy kerepok,lemang and ketupat,yoghurt.
Dessert: Fermented rice.
It comes strong scent which one of my colleagues can't stand and asked me to help him finish it.I coughed for a while when I smell it.I paused while thinking whether should I eat it or not. Mind you. I was drinking coffee too.Coffee+Fermented rice= disaster?! Thank God there was no disastrous side effects. Overall, quite a satisfying lunch.Could've been better. Hopefully next year.

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