Friday, December 30, 2005


As the title said, I just watched KING KOOONGGG. Overall, it was quite a nice movie,graphically. But, if you try to think deeper, look into the details you might find a lot of inconsistencies or illogicalness.
However, what I wanted to say is. THE WHOLE DAMN CINEMA WAS like a SCREAMING FEST or SOME #@$@%#%^# SLAUGHTERHOUSE. Whenever the characters be it King Kong or whoever , are in danger, the audience , kids , parents , adults will start screaming.

Oh my Gosh! What the hell is this?! If I want go to a slaughterhouse or screaming fest , I can go anytime. Thank you. But NOT IN THE CINEMA. Kids makes the worse of these screaming audience, their voices are so high pitched, sometimes it just sort of pierce your ears when you hear scream (yea. slight exagerration, but I just felt that way). So after the 45 minutes of the movie, starting with the appearance of Kong, it has been screaming and screaming. Strangely, people laughed when they saw dinosaurs stumbled upon each other when one of them fell. What's so funny also I don't understand.

All I can say is watch King Kong if can't get enough from the classic movie King Kong, or if you want to marvel the amazing computer graphics or CGI or whatever special effects. Ignore it if you're looking deeply thought storyline.

That's all for today.

Note: Parents, please don't bring your children to watch King Kong. You and other adults / young adults will have much more a pleasant movie watching experience and your children might not be able to withstand the violent or horror scenes. You have been warned.

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