Saturday, November 19, 2005

A great saturday morning and night!

Yay, it's my off day today. I'm going out for breakfast with my friend. What a beautiful day!

Yay, my ex-secondary school classmate is having an open house today. Quite nice, got mutton barbeque too. Too bad didn't have much time talking to him also. He was busy with his ikan bakar and all that. I went with my another classmate, and his family.
All in all, nice experience , could've been better if other classmates joined in.

Talked to my collegemate, Ms. CA. It was a quite nice experience, I joked, go crazy , and talk nonsense with her. Haha. I missed talking to her. Too bad I can't find anyone as smart, witty, talkative and nice as her. Pheh.. ladies I met are quite "butchy" , sad to say.heh heh.

Should be going to bed now. Ready for tomorrow class.heh.

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