Sunday, November 13, 2005

Admiration of war heroes

I've playing a lot of games since I was small. 5 years old I guess?. I think it's 7 years old. I usually just played games but never have I admire the hard work the programmers, artists and developers put in to their games. When I got older, I start to look at the hard work of these people behind the games. Maybe the computer game market started to become more and more competitive. Games nowadays are becoming more like movies, which extensive research and planning should be done before creating them (maybe not all types of movies).

Anyhow, some of games that really "opened" my eyes are the recent WWII games,namely
a) Brothers in Arms, (BiA)
b) Medal of Honor : Pacific Assault Collector's Edition.
The developers have clearly put a lot of effort on creating them. It was as if I was really there in Pearl Harbor during the Japanese attack(MoH:PA). You can almost experienced what it was liked to be in a war. In BiA, you're a Sargeant which commands team(s) of paratroopers which landed in German in the eve of D-Day invasion. Honestly, you just have play these 2 games to see the dedication of the people behind these games.

I admire them and also those who are potrayed in these games. I admire the soldiers who have put their lives on the line to defend what they believed. Anything can happen in a war, a person u just met a minute ago, could be dead the next minute. It makes me wonder how they managed to survive through the war and wonder will I have courage as they had when the time comes. I wonder.

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