Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Need for Speed : Most (Un)Wanted?

Well, after playing the new Need for Speed: Most Wanted. I hardly see the reason this game will be the MOST WANTED racing game for this year.

Graphics, yeah it's beautiful, prettier than the one before.

Audio, yeah loud, heavy rock stuff just like its NFS series before.

Gameplay, well , you do have something new, something similar to bullet-time, which you slow down to make those AMAZING moves. You have all the cops pursuing you ala Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit style.

Controls, I find the car will wobble left and right even you're driving a seemingly straight line.(Simulating realism?)

Well, the thing it felt kind of like Burnout 3 without the cops.

Conclusion: Not impressed, new features just don't seem to kick butt at all. But, hoping that the retail version will be better than this.

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