Wednesday, March 21, 2007


This morning, while I was toasting bread, something strange happened. Suddenly , an elephant ran into my house. There were fire sparks inside the toaster while lowered the bread into toasting position. Then, it tripped the whole house's power circuit. So , I reset the power breaker switch and tried again. Yeah I know, it's just my programmer's habit (if doesn't work, try again). Again, there were sparks coming out .

Hmmmmm.. this doesn't seem to be right. Have you ever seen a toaster that spits out sparks when toasting a bread?. (This is definitely a first for me). Since I was rushing for work, I just warmed the bread with microwave oven instead and leave the poor toaster alone

Once I got home from work, I took the toaster and try again. (yea.. I'm very curious fella). Seeing that there's fire sparks again, I quickly press the eject button. Then I shone the torchlight into it.

Tadaa.... Here's what I found.
A dead lizard stuck in the toaster.
Nope it's not a pretty sight. Its eyes remind me of Ghost Rider's (insert appropriate name) stare.
Here's another photo for the poor lizard after taken out of the toaster.Lizard, R.I.P.

Lesson of the day:
The warmest place ain't the safest place.


antchin said...

Luckily U Didn't Kena The Karan... If Not ... Sure U Become The 2nd Cicak Man.... Wahahahhaha....

Mischique said...

hi there! dropping by! hehe nice blog you have who would've thought that the lizard would pick such a place to die...LOL

MaN|acZ said...


thanks for dropping by. :)

antchin :
at lest cicak man got superpowers ,:P

BOX cat said...