Thursday, July 12, 2007

My lovely k810i

Yeah. baby.. I'm back blogging again. The long absence from blogging was because of laziness, as usual.

Anyways, I was looking through Sony Ericsson's website, came across S500i
K810i, and K550i.

After checking through the specifications of each phone, I finally found 2 worthy successor for K810i, and K550i.(since I can't make up my mind, why not I buy both?!!, then I realized I'm not rich son of Donald Trump. :P)

In the end, I made the choice to purchase the K810i which costs me RM1.2k that comes a with measly 64MB M2 memory stick.
(Why not K550i leh? just like buying w800i 2MP camera phone, n using M2 memory stick, not much improvement lah)
(Why not s500i leh? buy one 2MP camera phone but no auto-focus. for what leh???! so no need to consider liao)
I added RM150 for 1GB M2 memory stick. and 3% of RM150 because I only have just enough cash for the K810i phone. (!@#!@@#$@ !~!@$).
My 3 phones.. SE w800i, SE K810i, SE K310i
My old phone SE w800i, sold for RM350. Still waiting for buyer to
pay me.:P (Can see my K810i ??)
My new phone k810i.

Still learning how to use the phone. I just got it on friday night (6/7/2007). Will tell you more about phone when I can.


KarmaPolice said...

nice phone brother....
might wanna switch to nokia or other brands in the future...
just to shake things up a little

MaN|acZ said...

shake things up a little?
what do you mean?