Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Celine yap in newspaper!!!

Celine Yap was spotted in Nanyang newspaper last friday(01/06/2007). I spotted it!! woo hoo...
here's a scanned image of the newspaper clipping.
The story behind:
I sms-ed her ,then she replied asking what was the article about. Since it was too troublesome to sms her and explain everything, I called her instead. Unfortunately, I was met by the groggy voice of Celine.
Celine : "hello...fggdrrhhdd.... dfrlkdkdff"
me : "erm... you sleeping ar?"
Celine : "ggrhh...ddrrgghhh...."
me : "ok I'll call you back later."

the whole conversation almost like that I guessed. sigh... it was 9am... if only I was a student, I would've slept until 10am or even later.. :)

Celine posted an entry about the article and thanking me. You're welcome. Celine.


Celine said...

I went to bed at 3am that morning, that's why I was still in bed at 9am. Hehe...

Anyway, thanks for notifying me about the article. :)

MaN|acZ said...

u're welcome. sorry din know about that you sleeping late.


jAmEs said...

Luckily she did not place the claws on ya.... else u would regret... nice pose celine