Wednesday, January 13, 2010

F1 2009.....Malaysia , Sepang

I know it's a bit late. but yea. last year was the first time I went F1. It was a great experience.
But, I've also learned a lot of things on the way.

1) F1 is a cut-throat event, everything is SO BLOODY EXPENSIVE.
even a sandwich costs RM5! What The HECK?! . Even ear plugs costs like RM30?! a BMW backpack costs RM300. yea man. gimme a break. We paid for shit-crap-muddy-oil-palm car park. The organiser should've done a better job since this is a world-class event. PTUI!! sucks I rather parked further away but drier place (eg. by the side of the road).

2) Always get there very very early. I didn't realise F1 was such a big event and so many people went. We casually went around the time it was going to start. It probably stuck in the jam for around 1 hour after the KLIA exit and that brings to be the 3rd item. then it rained too! so I probably just watched for like 20 minutes or so then waited for the rain to stop.

3) Try as much as you can, clear your bladder on your journey to F1 circuit. I was trying to hold my bladder as much as I while , hoping that I can finish my business among the oil palm trees but the thought people seeing me doing that makes me think twice about it.

4) Don't ever pick up / send someone to LCCT on the day of the event. (well, I'm not doing that, but that serves as a lesson for other people). Seriously, we were stuck literaly for ages on the road. I was wondering could we even make it before the race ends. (lol)

5) bring a binoculars. SERIOUSLY, bring one unless you have grandstand tickets (yea, keep laughing, you spoiled kids, whatever.) The screens in Sepang Circuit were so small when compared those of in Jalan Bukit Bintang.

here some photos to do the talking.

                                        That's me and my dearest. Despite the grin of my face, I'm actually trying to hold
my "water tank" so that it won't bursts.

My friend , W rushing to toilet after we got down from the car.
 The crowd in Hillstand (erm I can't remember which).

                                                    Taking photos while everyone is gone.
                              (after the race was cancelled due to heavy rain. wasted by tickets, damn it)