Monday, January 04, 2010


It's quite rare for me to talk about work. Being in IT support job, well I'm not exactly a helpdesk staff (I'm actually a web programmer), it's not that you'll always being pro in your area. Sometimes you have to be in the know about your colleague's job area. It's not really a must but it's good to know. Because it's that he or she is not there to solve his or hers end users' problem all the time. Sometimes he or she may take a leave. so,it's good to learn up not because to cover their back side, it's also good for your own knowledge.

But, what if?. that someone you work with don't share his or her knowledge with you. He'd rather kept it to himself (probably till the day he dies?). So when he's on leave, what do you do? you can email him (too slow, maybe he doesn't check mail when he's on leave), text him(slow because he doesn't check this messages all so often), call him(the best solution, if he/she picks up, you'll get an answer immediately). Naturally, calling is the best choice. But , he doesn't picks up. So you'd call again. then again. then again . probably every f**king single hour. but still he doesn't picks up. So you'd wondering if your colleague is dead. But, no. HEY PRESTO! he comes to work as usual the next day.

The same thing happened to me more than once,so what do you do with this of colleague?
1) Inform the boss about the colleague's behaviour
2) Ignore him and try to work around him as much possible
3) Make a big racket and get him fired
4) Any other suggestions?