Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is it their fault? or is it mine?

Whenever you walk to a restaurant / kopitiam / coffeeshop, you have a certain expectation from it. If you're on the move, of course you'll probably take in whatever shit (eg. crap food, crap service and etc.) they throw at you.

But, if you're not, then this is what I'm going to talk about. When you enter a restaurant / kopitiam / coffeeshop, you expect it to be different than what you experienced at home. Be it food, service (what kind of service at home?.. haha), environment and etc.

For myself, I think the most important thing of a restaurant, or any eateries, is the FOOD. If the FOOD is good, then service SHOULD be good as well. If the FOOD is just nice , then at least the service should be better.Usually, most eateries does have wide variety of food to order from. Some of these items might be listed as their specialty as well. So, maybe you've wanted to be the adventurous and decided to ordered something else different from the others. Let's say you ordered something that is not specialty and the food sucks. So, whose fault is that anyway? Is it theirs or yours?

It's their fault because the item was on the menu. If the item was listed, it is their duty to produce something that is delicious. If it sucks, why bother putting on the menu?

It's your fault instead because you wanted to be different. You wanted to see what else they are capable of.You thought since their specialty is good, probably other items listed in their menu should be just as good as well.But, no. It wasn't and you paid for the price for not trying out their specialty.

So, when someone introduced you to an eatery, do you order what you like (not necessary their specialty)? or what is their specialty?

Interesting topic to discuss about.


enghan said...

Depends on the eatery.. If it's a cheapo place, which specifically states that you come here only to fill an empty stomach and not to enjoy food... then it's fine.

If it suggests anything other than that, then of course they shld provide at least decent quality food.

But taste is subjective, so it may well be your fault for having a weird tongue.... :p

MaN|acZ said...

enghan. which is my point. if you're there to fill your stomach, then don't expect much.

If you're there for something else than that, then of course food of decent quality should be served.

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