Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mini movie and game review

Sometimes the movie gets so annoying. I wished I was God or some almighthy being in the movie which can I snapped the younger brother's neck into pieces. Crush that stupid idiot into pieces. Man. that kid is annoyting.. Oh wait. I think the kid just now how to act. He knows how to annoy the hell out of his audience. Although I said we did learn something out of this movie, but I think the annoying behaviour of the younger brother character is just too much. No, I will not recommend you to watch it. BY ALL MEANS. But, if you're in the mood for a hot chick, some good looking dude and learn a lesson or two. Then BY ALL MEANS watch it.

Rainbow 6: Lockdown
THIS GAME SUCKS! One of the worse Rainbow Six series I've ever played. The AI is so stupid that it comes running when it spots you. Graphically wise, it looks much better compared to Close Combat : First to Fight. Of course, it is logically since it is released after Close Combat: First to Fight.

Close Combat: First To Fight
This GAME SUCKS too. Well, the AI is just about the same as the RB6: Lockdown. Sometimes , the AI soldiers will come so close but it won't fire at you. Strange eh? Both games are crap equally. So much effort used, but they still create a crappy game.

Well, unless you are really frustrated. Try these 2 games. It will release a great amount of stress if you just don't want to bother with games like DOOM III or Quake IV.

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