Monday, March 20, 2006

Kah Sieeeen..

After I checked my blog, I realised the last time I blogged was about 12 days ago. Oohh man. So long. Then again, I also don't know who reads my blog anyway. Err, if anyone is reading my blog.
Please leave some comments. At least I know I got some "fans" . hahaha.

Anyway, what happened in these 12 days? Well, first my 2GB Sony Pro Duo Memory Stick starting to give me problems, so I back up all the files and formatted it. No, it can't work. No problem. I thought my card reader was the culprit. So I took it a friend's place and used his card reader instead. Bloody hell, still can't format. So, I tried to format his Sony Memory Stick with card reader. It worked. Okies, so my card reader has no problem , but Memory Stick is crap now.
Dang.. it's about 3-4 months old only. Stupid piece of crap.

So, I bought a 2GB USB pen drive to replace that piece of crap while awaiting warranty. That Memory Stick was actually used for PSP. I was reluctant to buy a pen drive at first because I don't want to waste so much money buying 2 items. I thought I could use the memory stick as sort of portable drive. Yeah I know it's troublesome to bring the card reader around, but it's thin though. I can use it on my PSP and also my PC. So far, the pen drive performs okay. But deleting files like html files saved with pictures is quite slow. Maybe there are just too many files.

I was supposed to buy a new phone today (sunday) because someone's fault, I didn't get my phone. I know waiting another week, I might save up a bit more. I DON'T CARE!. My current phone is giving PROBLEMS to me liao. Make some calls, the power level will drop from full bar to half a bar. Then, while making / receiving calls with half power , suddenly it'll warn me to charge my phone or it'll drop dead after I talked for a few seconds. ARRRGGHH!

Basically, other than getting the pen drive, it just doesn't seem like there's much to be happy about. Hey , wait. There's still more. I finally got rid of left-cover computer casings. Yay!!. Less junk in the house.

I'm also in the midst of changing my host for my website too. Yea.Now you know what my blog starts with shootme1st. That's all for now.

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