Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A blow too much....

Another 2 colleagues just left the company last friday. We had a lengthy BBQ farewell dinner. Well, I would agree that it's quite rare to have a BBQ for a farewell dinner. But, it's really quite boring when all the farewell dinners are held in restaurants.

Well, so far to date, we had 4 colleagues leaving my company.
3 from accounts department, and 1 is from my department, IT department. The recent departure of my colleague is definitely a strong blow to our department. When he was around, he can also support the users when my desktop support colleagues is not around. Now, we also have to do desktop support.It's not that it's degrading us in any way, it's just that we do have our respective areas. The users will never understand that the problem they're having is not our respective area.

I sincerely hope we can do something about effects of loss of this colleague.

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